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Oriental Fashion Show 2024 at Shangri-La Palace: 

Oriental Fashion Show 2024 at Shangri-La Palace: 


A Image of Peace and Fraternity

21 January 2024 will be remembered as a day when fashion transcended its essence to become a powerful vehicle for peace and fraternity. The Oriental Fashion Show, which took place in the historic salons of the Shangri-La Palace, offered a remarkable edition, celebrating the richness of cultural exchanges through the prism of oriental fashion.

This year’s event brilliantly illustrated how fashion can act as a bridge between cultures, bringing together designers from diverse backgrounds to share their unique vision, where tradition and modernity meet in harmony. The Oriental Fashion Show not only highlighted the rich and varied heritage of Eastern cultures, but also conveyed a profound message of openness and harmony between peoples.

The collections presented at the show were an eloquent testimony to the boundless creativity of the designers, whose talent and commitment to preserving traditional heritage while exploring contemporary perspectives delighted the public. Each outfit, rich in colour, texture and pattern, told a unique story, immersing the audience in a world where the beauty of diversity is celebrated at every turn.

The Oriental Fashion Show 2024 has established itself as an iconic event, not only in the fashion calendar but also as a significant gathering moment for all those who believe in the power of art and culture to bring people together. The magic that took place in the salons of the Shangri-La Palace proved once again that fashion is much more than a question of ephemeral trends; it is a universal language capable of conveying values of peace, unity and fraternity.

By hosting this exceptional edition, the Oriental Fashion Show not only celebrated oriental fashion but also helped to establish an essential dialogue between cultures, pointing the way towards a world where art and mutual understanding are the foundations of harmonious coexistence. The success of this event testifies to the importance and relevance of such initiatives, underlining the imperative of continuing to promote diversity and inclusion through all forms of artistic expression.

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Paris Fashion Week Couture 

Oriental Fashion Show Paris (Shangri-La)

Hany El Behairy (EGYPTE)


Göwher Gouvernet (TURKMÉNISTAN)



Renata Haute Couture (MAROC)

Ashgahbat, Mahirli Zenan (TURKMÉNISTAN)

Maïsa Gollieva (TURKMÉNISTAN)

Ika Butoni (Indonésie)


Hanum Aidash (KAZAKHSTAN)


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