3 days of hot passion at Paris Fashion Week

Shows, the Pompidou Centre, the Mark Rothko exhibition and evening glamour.

The first day of Paris Fashion Week was simply amazing. It started with the bright and exciting Paris Fashion Air shows, young and talented designers whose collections are full of bold solutions and creative ideas. Brazilian designer Vitor Zerbinato presented his new collection inspired by grace and elegance. The colour palette of the collection ranges from neutral and bedazzled tones, to bright and saturated colours. Wide-brimmed hats with feathers, inspired by the atmosphere of luxury and elegance, adds the finishing touch to the looks.

After the fashion experience, it’s time to explore the world of contemporary art at the Pompidou Centre. An architectural marvel that epitomises boldness and innovation, it struck with its originality and unique atmosphere. A walk through the colourful halls and expositions filled with inspiration and new ideas. Marc Chagall’s works delight with the play of bright colours and mystical motifs. While Vassily Kandinsky’s paintings amaze with their abstract harmony and depth of expression. The first day gave me not only fashion discoveries, but also a glimpse into the splendour of contemporary art that inspired my soul and mind.

The second day on the fashion week agenda was also full of exciting events and fashion discoveries. Attending the show, the Veronika Jeanvie wedding dress collection, was astonishing in its splendour. Inspired by ballet, the designer embodied grace and sophistication in every gown. Each dress of this collection is a real ballet on the bride’s body. Light flowing fabrics frame the figure, creating an impression of weightlessness and elegance. The play with volumes and textures that create the dress are reminiscent of lush tutus with decorative elements inspired by the crystal bracelets of ballerinas. These details give the collection a special charm and sophistication.

After the show of Veronica’s stunning collection, which epitomises the elegance and luxury of bridal parties, it’s time for discovery and creativity. A walk through the narrow streets of Paris turns into a magical journey, where every corner reminds of the past and present of the city of love. At this time, like an artist, I capture the unique atmosphere of Paris in photos and paintings, creating art that embodies its unique spirit and beauty. 

The day ended with a visit to the Hotel Costes – a fusion of luxury, style and sophistication. Located near the famous Place Vendome, Costes welcomes guests into an embrace of history and luxury. Every corner is filled with grandeur and elegance, and the atmosphere is infused with the flavours of French charm. In the evening hours, you become a part of history while savouring exquisite cocktails at the Costes Bar. Each drink is a small work of art, especially the cocktail “Costes Royal”, which combines the exquisite flavour of champagne with notes of fresh berries and light caramel sweetness. A sip of this drink is an immersion into the world of luxury and pleasure that is so characteristic of the Costes Hotel and its exquisite bar.

Day three began with an exciting immersion into the world of art at an exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton dedicated to the work of Mark Rothko. This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the abstract world of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. The colour transitions, depth and emotional intensity of Mark Rothk’s works make you think and discover new facets of art. Each work in the exhibition is not just a painting, but a source of inspiration and understanding of the human soul. 

The day ended beautifully, enjoying a glass of champagne at Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite hotel, the Ritz. Its luxurious atmosphere and elegance was the perfect conclusion to the stay in Paris.

The 3 days at Paris Fashion Week left vivid impressions and unforgettable moments, reminding us that Paris Fashion Week is not only about fashion, but also about art, style and evening glamour.

Author Marina Geisler Fedan

Designer, journalist, art historian instagram.com/marina_geisler_fedan

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