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“The New Glam” by Liu Jo

“The New Glam” by Liu Jo

Reinventing Style for Spring/Summer 2024

Liu Jo launches its new campaign for the Spring/Summer 2024 season with a captivating rallying cry: “The New Glam.” More than just a collection, it embodies an attitude, a promise, and an invitation to live every moment with style and confidence.

Redefining Glamour

Liu Jo rethinks the concept of glamour with a fresh and inclusive approach. “The New Glam” is not just a clothing collection—it’s a way of being in the world: effortlessly cool, sexy yet comfortable, bold yet refined. This new glamour asserts itself as a profound expression of individuality, transcending appearances to touch the very essence of personal expression.

A Captivating Campaign

This season’s campaign highlights a series of interconnected stories set against the picturesque backdrop of Rome, between iconic streets and refined palaces. Each image, far from static, is a living tableau of diverse personalities, reflecting the many facets of Liu Jo. The dynamics of the campaign are enhanced by sounds and colors that resonate with the interactions between characters and their environment.

Style and Substance

The collection stands out with bold looks and varied stylistic combinations. From all-denim outfits to feather tops and sophisticated suits, each piece is a declaration of stylistic independence. The Liu Jo LaPuffy bag, the centerpiece of the season, draws attention with its compact size, versatility, and pastel hues, promising to become the must-have accessory.

Core Values

The campaign is built around three key values: Glam is Everyday, Glam is Inside, Glam is Together. These principles are not only aesthetic but ethical, inviting us to take care of ourselves, others, and our planet. Embracing Liu Jo’s “The New Glam” means embracing a contemporary world full of contrasts and contradictions, a world that celebrates uniqueness.

With “The New Glam,” Liu Jo offers not just a new collection, but a new vision of style that celebrates both unity and the power of individuality. Marco Marchi, CEO and founder of Liu Jo, emphasizes that the brand aims to represent each individual with a style that is both bold and sophisticated, sustainable yet desirable. “The New Glam” by Liu Jo is thus more than fashion; it is a movement, ready to embrace all those who are prepared to live boldly and authentically.

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