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Reinventing Fashion in the Metaverse Era 

Reinventing Fashion in the Metaverse Era 

A Look Back at the “MODE at PARIS” Show

On March 22, Paris, the undisputed capital of fashion, hosted an innovative event that marked a turning point for the global fashion industry. The “MODE at PARIS 24S/S” show, organized by Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and executed by the Korean Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), masterfully integrated virtual and real worlds, thus opening a new chapter in the history of fashion.

Technological Innovation at the Heart of Fashion

The event took place at the Westin Paris Vendôme, where 200 European fashion industry professionals witnessed a spectacular fusion of mixed reality and the latest trends in K-Fashion. The use of the metaverse and augmented reality allowed for the transcending of spatial and linguistic barriers, presenting a new fashion culture that harmonizes advanced technology with creative aesthetics.

Avatars Side by Side with Real Models

One of the most striking innovations of the show was the presence of ZEPETO avatars walking side by side with flesh-and-blood models. This initiative not only demonstrated the limitless possibilities of the metaverse in the fashion domain but also provided an immersive and cutting-edge experience for the audience. The collections were initially presented on ZEPETO from the beginning of March, allowing for anticipation and interaction ahead of the actual show.

Contributions of Korean Brands and Musical Collaboration

Ten Korean fashion designer brands, such as DOUKAN, MAISON NICA, and BMUET, showcased their creations, each offering two outfits that reflect their unique identity. This diversity illustrated the richness and variability of K-fashion, proving that creativity knows no boundaries, even in such an innovative format.

The sound dimension was also notable, with a collaboration between Pozalabs and Lee Il-woo of Jambinai, enhancing the atmosphere with AI-based compositions that perfectly matched the contemporary style of the brands presented.

Impact and Perspectives

The enthusiastic reception of this event by fashion professionals in Europe, particularly in France, underscores a growing interest in integrating new technologies into fashion. “MODE at PARIS” is not just a fashion show; it is a vision of the future where fashion transcends traditional boundaries to embrace the digital age. 

The “MODE at PARIS 24S/S” show has definitely set the stage for future interactions between technology and fashion. By integrating avatars in a setting traditionally reserved for real models, KOCCA and its partners have not only innovated but also raised the question of what tomorrow’s fashion will look like. With such initiatives, the future of fashion seems not only bright but infinitely expansive.

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