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Victoria Li Su

Victoria Li Su

 “I have already seen everything on this planet, that’s why I created a new one” 

The art of Victoria Li Su between luxury lifestyle and technological innovation

In an era where art and technology weave increasingly tighter fates, Victoria Li Su, creative director and winner of the prestigious International Design 2023, emerges as a pioneer of this revolutionary movement. 

Her training at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan has laid the groundwork for a series of creations that redefine the intersection between fashion and art, pushing beyond the boundaries of the conventional. Victoria’s works are not simply expressions of aesthetic beauty; they are manifestations of a limitless, distant future where elegance merges with the environmental needs of a new world, maintaining the allure of uncompromised luxury. 

Recently, her personal exhibitions at San Babila, in the vibrant heart of Milan, and the renowned Paris Fashion Air, have captured attention not only for her innovative use of generative artificial intelligence but also for the introduction of original essences that accompany each displayed piece, creating a unique experience. 

Victoria, rooted in the East but with her heart beating for Europe, does not limit herself to proposing futuristic art; each of her creations is a manifesto of an alternative world, where elegance and technological advancement merge into a new form of art, with a focus on sustainability. 

Her lifestyle is a mirror of her art: every detail of her daily life is meticulously cared for, reflecting her commitment to superb aesthetics. 

During an exclusive meeting in an elegant Roman café, we had the opportunity to delve deeper into her thoughts and visions. 

Victoria, what drove you to embark on this unique journey in the world of art and fashion?

The world, as it is, proved too limited for me. I explored every corner, discovering the need for something that does not yet exist.

That’s why I created a new one. 

How has your training at Marangoni influenced your approach to fashion?

Marangoni taught me the rules, which I chose to break one by one.

Fashion, for me, is more than dressing people; it’s about dressing minds, projecting visions, shaping the future. 

Your works are often described as “magical creations.” How do you merge technology and sustainability?

Magic is just science that we haven’t understood yet. I think it’s a great opportunity to realize a world as it should always have been: full of innovation, style, but with sustainability. Everything around us is in a delicate balance. 

Your vision of beauty is often defined as a “technological revolution.” What do you mean exactly? 

Traditional beauty is superficial and finite. Technological beauty, on the other hand, is infinite. It can evolve, adapt, surpass the limits of

our imagination. 

Speaking of limits, how do you overcome geographical and temporal barriers in your creations?

I do not recognize barriers. My creative space is a continuum of influences and ideas that transcend time and place. I create for a world that does not yet exist but might tomorrow. 

Victoria, your recent personal exhibitions at Paris Fashion Air and in San Babila, the center of Milan, have captured attention not only for the creations displayed but also for the innovative use of original essences. Can you tell us more about how you matched works and perfumes? 

Every work of art I create speaks of beauty. And beauty is not only what you see with your eyes but what permeates you with all senses. For this reason, a woman cannot be separated from her perfume. Each essence is a different world and creates an indissoluble bond between the image and the viewer. 

How do you respond to criticisms that label your work as “alienating”?

Criticisms are the price to pay for being pioneers. People fear what they do not understand, and I do not have time to explain. I can only

show and lead. 

Let’s talk about your latest digital collection. What is the philosophy behind it?

It is the culmination of my vision: fashion without physical limits, without taboos, from another world. Art and Fashion exist as much digitally as in the imagination, accessible to anyone, anywhere. 

What is your relationship with the concept of “sustainability”?

For me, sustainability is a necessity, not a choice. It is the foundation on which we will build the future, or there will be no future at all. How do you see the future of fashion in relation to technology?

The future of fashion is the fashion of the future. It will increasingly intertwine with technology, becoming indistinguishable from it. And I will be at the forefront of this change. 

Last question, Victoria. What would you say to those aspiring to use art and technology in their career as a creative director?

Forget everything you think you know. Look beyond the horizon. And when you think you have seen everything, remember it is just the beginning.


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