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To find all the playful spirit of Haute Couture, Julien Fournié chooses a deliberately positive theme and celebrates love. He offers a hyper-colored collection, as far from bombastic aesthetics as from puritanical attitudes or minimal looks.

This revival of fun, Julien Fournié celebrates it in a resolutely digital aesthetic, integrating the nostalgia for the video games he was playing as a teenager with real models in virtual sets to put the spotlight on glamorized avatars, slender superheroines and mythical female figures inspired by cartoons.

Moreover, two outfits among this very real Haute Couture collection were first imagined by Julien Fournié for the virtual universe of avatars in the PUBG MOBILE game. They will be available to its players immediately after the release of this Haute Couture video.

“It’s a dream come true,” declares Julien Fournié. ”Going from dream to reality has always been my goal. Infusing my aesthetics into the virtual universe and bringing designs imagined for the virtual world to life in the real one is what we need today to re-enchant humanity.”

With the energy of disco music especially composed by Sacha Sieff, this Julien Fournié Haute Couture collection modernizes games of seduction, fantasy and the mythical Parisienne celebrated by so many women around the world for her independence, her freedom and her style authority.

Julien Fournié’s heroines express their legend just as well wearing a “boyish” hooded ensemble or a shimmering jumpsuit. Inthis collection, under the couturier’s needle, jerseys soften asymmetrical corsets, long slits reveal an infinitely slender leg, knitted edges highlight the sporty silhouettes, jacquards dare to flash colors. Elastic ribbons are braided on the busts, bayadere stripes display volumes of parachutes, precious jerseys are transformed into long

mittens or maxi-gaiters moulding the arms and legs.

The mastery of Haute Couture flourishes in the collection thanks to prestigious collaborations with the Lyon weaver Sfate & Combier or with the manufacturer of exceptional jerseys Guigou, in particular. The long association with these French masters of textile know-how has created a complicity that favors all technical innovations.

The same goes for the embellishments, a silhouette of a goddess from the ocean is adorned with an impressive harness comprising blown glass pieces made in collaboration with Adrian Colin, an art glassmaker based in Dinan.

Her tiara combines the delicacy of this material with the work of Julien Vermeulen, designer of feathers loyal to the

Julien Fournié collections. In terms of accessories, handbags stand out with a complete new line combining leather and the first Julien Fournié original monogram canvas.

3D sketching, digital creation, Julien Fournié has been using them for more than a decade, this is what still allows him today to be the pioneer of Haute Couture to enter a leading video game, propose in the wake of NFTs and propel fashion into the metaverse without ever neglecting elegance.

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