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Fashion Week Hong Kong

Fashion Week Hong Kong

Fashion Farm Foundation Led Hong Kong Talents to Paris Fashion Week Again

Fashion Farm Foundation Led Hong Kong Talents to Paris Fashion Week Again

PabePabe, PONDER.ER and VANN Celebrate SS22 Fashion Trend Phygitally

PabePabe Transforms Daily Electrical Appliances to Leather Goods 

For the SS22 collection, PabePabe continues to create designs with the retransformation and remake of readymade products, installation of daily electrical appliances, such as plugs, extension boards and machine buttons on the bag designs. The unique design method challenges the daily visual habits of the audience. The leather color selection is subtler than previous collections, to highlight the uniqueness of various buttons and plugs applying on the leather goods.

The collection is presented with a short film directed as a variety game show. Models participate in games with special designs and advertisements, presenting the brand’s interpretation of energy, inspiration and ridiculous aesthetics humorously.   

PONDER.ER Explores Masculinity through Speed and Movement

PONDER.ER SS22 collection “LOVE FOR SPEED” once again draws inspiration from the standard concept of masculinity, the qualities and behaviours associated with men. The collection focuses on the “masculine adventurousness”, how the manbox encourages men to engage in risk-taking activities that are often related to speed, power and sometimes permission to harm themselves/ others. These acts of recklessness and liberation are digested through different perspectives, and interpreted with the brand’s signature style of liquifying and twisting known structures and concepts.

In the presentation, the designers see a group of boys and girls seeking dominance and glory through sets of reckless and adventurous behaviours. The film resonates with the theme of the collection; the complex relationship between gender and speed. It asks questions regarding the glorification of masculine adventurousness and the possibility of seeing romance in the acts of struggles and violence.

VANN_Evolves Signature Designs with Fire and Romance

The SS22 collection, Aperture, turns up the intensity on signature designs for a distinctive rebellious and romantic look. Combining iconic and new pieces with 3 key elements – Love, Bullets and Fire, there is a bigger range of

sizes with Palm-Sized Heart Earrings in hollow silver and striking Mini Heart Studs. The unique single heart earrings include barbell and jump-ring details for a playful ‘piercing-on-piercing’ look. “I’m fascinated by how often what we love and what we hate to be intertwined and connected. Aperture is a collection that explores that dichotomy and ultimately finds beauty in its complexity and intensity.” – Vann Kwok, VANN Designer.

The presentation is a tribute to 90s Hong Kong cinema, the gangster-esque movie follows a femme fatale lady crime boss into an old-school arcade, as she flees tattooed and chained thugs. The game of cat-and-mouse is as adrenaline-inducing as it is psychologically captivating and features the collection’s key pieces as the object of everyone’s desire.

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