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Wolford launches new Advertising Campaign

Wolford launches new Advertising Campaign

Wolford launches new Advertising Campaign

photographed by Elizaveta Porodina

Highlighting the recent successes of the brand, a new international Advertising Campaign will be launched soon worldwide featuring our AW 22/23 collection, photographed by the eclectic artist of the moment Elizaveta Porodina.

A return in grand style to the global stage of the brand image, once again defining fashion iconography for which the company is renown, having made legendary history with its previous creative campaigns partnering with famous photographers such as Helmut Newton, that have inspired the industry and fashion culture since their conception.

Pioneering continuously notions of true femininity, Wolford is proud to have chosen photographer Elizaveta Porodina to document and define the contemporary look of today. Her fine art approach captures the essential essence of Wolford’s creations, her unique style further exalting the company’s three souls – Wolford, The W, The W Lab – and the inherent quality and beauty of the coming season’s new collection.

A project of both furious exploration and intense introspection, with no boundaries of image, gender or sexuality, where everyone is at liberty to express themselves as they see fit, with a fluidity that leads to freedom of mind and of movement, enhancing a less defined and much more intimate sexuality. Amongst the three young muses that regularly inspire her unique style is also a man, indicative of the inclusiveness and welcomeness inherent to our modern fashion world.

“Here at Wolford, we are so thrilled to have such an influential female photographer as Elizaveta on board”, CCO Silvia Azzali declares, “we are convinced that her visionary and creative artwork will take our fashion iconography to even higher levels of inspiration and confidence for all”. “Wolford is legendary to all fashion photographers”, Elizaveta Porodina says, “this campaign explores the idea of a challenge within the human condition, the body, the mental fragments of a person and their placements in space – motivations made possible only by such an iconic brand”.

Thanks to Elizaveta Porodina’s renown artistry it will be possible to evidence Wolford’s iconic materials under new connotations, exploring different dimensions and attitudes with regards to how they can grace differently the body whilst ever enhancing the soul. A fluidity in repositioning both legendary classics and recent creations under a new fashion prospective.

To be revealed soon on all media internationally, Wolford’s new Ad campaign will inspire and captivate the fashion world once again.

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