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Portrait of Laurent Amar

Portrait of Laurent Amar

Laurent Amar
Festival cannes

“Le jet-setteur

ami des stars”



HLaurent has been friends with celebrities for 15 years now. Whether it’s singers or gorgeous actresses, this jet-setter is making many friends and sometimes even winning a few over along the way. A worthy successor to the Count of Saint-Germain AKA Richard Chanfray, which occasionally earns him the nickname of Vicomte de Saint-Germain des prés, Massimo Gargia or one of the greatest socialites of all time, the Italian-American actor Rudolph Valentino, Laurent honours his jet-setting, show-biz fathers.

Yet Laurent Amar has always tried to remain discreet when it comes to his private life but unfortunately when becoming a celebrity’s sweetheart, this is sometimes tricky to manage.

Lookbook Magazine was interested to know more about Laurent Amar.

The young man entered the exclusive jet-set community in 2006, when a friend of his asked him to join him aboard the Dark Dog energy drink’s private yacht during the Cannes Film Festival. 

Laurent quickly fell in love with the glitz & glamour, the VIP events attended by stars – some of whom are world renowned. In a few years, the artistic circle will no longer hold any secrets for our favourite socialite. Before long, he founded, a web TV channel devoted to actors and actresses, but above all, his online magazine is dedicated to people news and artistic entertainment, which made Laurent a well-known journalist in the world of French show business.

Always a guest and highly appreciated, Laurent’s presence has become unavoidable at social events and other charity galas supporting noble causes. Monte Carlo, Cannes, Saint-Tropez and of course Paris, our favourite friend of the stars is to be found all over France at some of the most prestigious VIP events.



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