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Exploring the Soul of the Big Art Festival

Exploring the Soul of the Big Art Festival


How do you work on creating Big Art Festival to meet the standards of a unique and prestigious international luxury event?

Big Art Festival has been running successfully since 2021 and continues to grow in popularity. We have developed a very special kind of event format, which is unmatched throughout the international entertainment industry. It may seem that there are no secrets: it is a dinner and a performance of an artist, many try something like this, but the uniqueness of Big Art Festival is in the way we do it. 

We elaborate everything in detail, starting with the location and time frames of the festival, finishing with its technical arrangements, the artist’s repertoire and the specific menu touches. We begin to create an inimitable atmosphere of the event at the very first preparatory stages and start of communication with the guest until the culmination of the gala-night itself, immersing our guests in the ambiance of luxury and accompanying them gently and professionally during the whole time of gala dinner. Our goal is to make each guest feel as relaxed as possible and enjoy the social interaction, the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, the sophistication of the interior and haute cuisine and, of course, the performance of the best and most beloved artists.

Due to our care and affection for our work we manage to maintain a high standard of service, and increase it from festival to festival.

What factors do you take into account when choosing a location for holding Big Art Festival and how do those factors influence the guests’ activity?

We are always governed first and foremost by the expectations of our guests. When studying possible locations for Big Art Festival, for example, we pay attention to where and when our guests prefer to spend their time on vacation. In winter season – these are traditional European resorts of Courchevel and St. Moritz. In summer – their favorite vacation destinations are Monte Carlo, Porto Cervo, Mykonos and so on. Dubai is a hotspot for visitors from all over the world in the autumn and spring, at the peak of the business season, and it’s also a favorite destination for New Year’s Eve celebrations. We take all this into account. 

In addition, Berin Iglesias Art tries to go further and anticipate and foresee the desires of the guests, to offer them something that will definitely delight and excite them. Based on our vast experience, we look for brand new venues and invite young talented artists to perform alongside the stars. 

For example, last year in September we held a gala-night at a new location in Turkey, at D Maris Bay, and we were amazed by the excitement of local guests and guests from other countries who came to the event on yachts, giving an eloquent indication of how much demand there was for it.

And the second important factor is the cooperation with our partners. When we study the market and plan Big Art Festivals, we also take into account which regions and countries are interesting for them to introduce their products. This provides us with their support. Many companies realize that participation in our events has a beneficial effect on business development and allows them to reach new audiences and sustain the loyalty of the existing ones.

Why did you choose the format of a “chamber luxury show” for the Big Art Festival project?

Berin Iglesias Art organizes events of various formats, including large-scale festivals and multi-capacity arena concerts. The context of Big Art Festival is initially different. The audience, which the festival is aimed at, prefers a rather private recreation format amidst friends and partners in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. The format of a gala dinner for limited number of selected guests and the sale of tables meets this demand in the best possible way and provides a personalized, premium approach to the needs of each of our guests. The peculiarity of Big Art Festival is that this intimacy and, let’s say, rather high level of admittance turns the festival into a kind of a private business club, providing an opportunity to communicate with partners and clients in a comfortable environment, and make new acquaintances. Frequently at our events new collaborations are born and new deals are made, and these opportunities can’t fail to attract major businesses. 

How do you select performers for Big Art Festival to ensure a unique experience for the audience?

The choice of artists is an important element in preparing the festival. We consider the season, the region, the preferences of the guests and we try to make the events as diverse as possible: we invite some iconic artists, trendy stars and also discover new talents. Our events are fun and glamor all in on!

In Turkey we hosted Seal, a multiple Grammy winner, in Porto Cervo we hosted Nicole Scherzinger, at Bocelli’s villa, where the Big Art Festival is also repeatedly held, the Maestro himself performs, the Italian pianist and singer Matthew Lee, who is now very popular in his homeland and beyond, gained fame due to our festival.

Please tell us about the most impressive and memorable events in 2023.

This is probably the most difficult question, because each Big Art Festival is unique and unrepeatable in its own way. It is worth seeing with your own eyes to realize that it is impossible to single out any particular event. Each one is a spectacular and memorable experience.

What trends in the entertainment industry seem relevant to you, and how do they influence your activities?

We keep an eye on the development of the music industry, as I have already mentioned, we invite stars to our events and light up new stars ourselves, we often combine at one event various genres, classical and jazz musicians, ballet, trendy DJs. We also take into account the focus of the event. If we refer, for example, to private events, we successfully cooperate with Natalia Vodianova’s charitable foundation and help in delicate selection of some amazing artists, whose performance is appropriate for the purpose of the event. We are always attentive and flexible to the demands of the times and the requirements of our clients.

What difficulties and challenges do you face when organizing live shows in numerous cultural environments all over the world?

One mustn’t say “challenges”, however moderately cultural specialties that we’re obliged to have in mind when working in a selected area. When coming into a brand new market, particularly in areas like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bali, Maldives, we primarily take an analytical strategy to its historical past, tradition, mentality and different peculiarities. For instance, it will be a gross mistake and disrespect to attempt to manage a loud social gathering in Dubai throughout Ramadan. We at all times attempt to cooperate with native authorities to have in mind even the smallest peculiarities of the nation and area the place we maintain our occasions.

What strategies and tricks do you use to attract VIP guests and create unique experiences for them?

Besides the thoroughness in organizing all facets of the event, as we mentioned above, we develop unique integrations for each event that cannot be combined within any other format or location. Our partners are the manufacturers of unique luxury products, the best jewelry companies such as Chopard, selected wine and champagne producers such as La Scolca and D’Rock, the black caviar producers like Kaspia and other premium brands. From the moment guests start interacting with our managers, who are committed to respecting the guest’s desires and helping them to choose the best seats, guests can feel special treatment. At our events, for 5-6 hours we immerse guests in the atmosphere of absolute splendor, which is felt in every detail from the moment they step on the red carpet to the very last minutes. That is why guests come back to us again and again.

How does the international luxury events industry interact with the fashion industry? What are your plans for 2024?

Fashion shows are also an integral part of our events as we share a common audience segment. We always give our partners the opportunity to showcase their product in a favorable way by organizing a fashion show or an exhibition. Chopard, Jacob&Co., Rubeus and others do not miss this opportunity, moreover, considering the fact that in 70% of cases it is women who take the decision to attend the event. We love our female clients and always try to arrange some interesting integrations for them, and we love to make nice gifts and surprises at the events dedicated, for instance, to the celebration of March 8th, International Women’s Day. 

In the very near future we will celebrate this occasion in Courchevel and Dubai. This will be followed by a gala in Dubai in May and our traditional European tour, a series of events in the most fashionable locations. There will also be a unique show for about 1500 guests in London during Wimbledon tournament at the legendary Royal Albert Hall and many other surprises. 

We are also planning to enter completely new regions, so stay tuned.

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