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the Agafay Desert in Morocco : Inaracamp

the Agafay Desert in Morocco : Inaracamp

Inaracamp, a luxurious oasis in the heart of the Agafay Desert in Morocco, is a magical escape not to be missed. Founded by Vincent Jaquet, on 21 hectares, Inaracamp is a mix of luxury and nature.

The traditional restaurant Le Soukoune, located on top of the camp, offers refined dishes from the local cuisine, served in a separate pavilion, which begins a delightful journey into the flavors of Morocco. Visitors can savor tender meats, fragrant vegetables, and the local dessert, pastilla.

Inaracamp also offers luxurious tent-style rooms, with a private terrace and spectacular views of the breathtaking landscapes. During the day, organized excursions are offered: quad biking, camel riding, hot air ballooning, and for those who don’t like extreme, there is the possibility to relax around the pool.

In the evening, dinner is served in the camp’s common area. Campfire, candles, starry sky, Inaracamp offers a romantic and unforgettable experience. As explorer Theodore Monod said: “The desert cannot be told, it must be lived.”

For those who want to experience something unique and get a glimpse of the Moroccan culture, Inaracamp is the perfect place. With its activities and top-notch services, this luxurious oasis is a magical place to live unforgettable moments. 

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