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Mrs. Keepa

Mrs. Keepa


to Present its SS22 Collection “Harmonious Chaos” at Paris Fashion Week

Mrs. Keepa has been invited to be a part of the Féderation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode “Welcome to Paris” initiative with the Arab Fashion Council. Mrs. Keepa will physically present its Spring/Summer 2022 womenswear collection on the events calendar on the 28th Of September at Palais De Tokyo. The brand will also be part of the Paris Fashion Week Trade Show Partner TRANOI.

The Dubai-based brand Mrs. Keepa is inspired by a patchwork of evolving identities and her own dual heritage, the half-Egyptian half-French designer uses fashion to explore and combine contrasting and overlapping cultures.

Mariam Yeya the creative director launched her label Mrs. Keepa in 2016. Part architectural, part avant-garde, Mrs. Keepa is a brand on the border of ready-to-wear and couture. Designed to celebrate the female form through empowering silhouettes that have a retro-futurist charm. Mariam brings her personal vision of femineity to all collections through playful proportions, exaggerated volumes, striking patterns and kaleidoscopic colors.

The multifarious narratives behind her inspiration are reflected in pieces that blend tailoring and sportswear; developing an aesthetic that fuses the effortless French flair Mariam Yeya grew up around with the multicultural details she later discovered on the streets of modern Dubai.

For the Spring / Summer 2022 collection “Harmonious Chaos” integrated languid shapes, playful proportions and opulent colors are the main focus of the collection. The collection proposes a wardrobe charting the intersection of dualities. Mrs. Keepa infuses a contemporary-cool Spring/Summer 2022 wardrobe with evening-ready drama and easy wearing basics with edgy detailing – Think cut out and strappy maxi skirts, wide-leg camouflage cargo pants and larger-than-life sleeves. Rooted in its creative director’s fondness for a timeless appeal of diva-esque glamour, these are cuts for the women who like to make an entrance.

Mariam Yeya, continues to bring forth a collection with drama, effervescence and provocation, the underlying signature of the brand.

Besides boundary-pushing designs, Mariam embraces a strong arts-and-crafts mentality, the designer proposes pieces that are as bold as they are intelligent. Think Dresses turned into shirts, kimonos turned into skirts, scarves to be styled as belts and evening gloves to rock in daylight hours.


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