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Males’s Collar Clips, Pins, Bars & Extra (Jewellery Model Information)

Males’s Collar Clips, Pins, Bars & Extra (Jewellery Model Information)


At the moment’s installment of our “Definitive Information” sequence pertains to collar jewellery, which we’re defining as any jewellery worn on the collar of a gown shirt as a part of basic males’s model. Subsequently, what we gained’t be discussing immediately are varieties of jewellery from different menswear sub-genres like fashionable collar studs or informal chains.

Along with protecting probably the most standard varieties of collar jewellery, you’ll see immediately, these being collar pins, bars, and clips, we can even go over a few extra historic kinds. So, we’ll take a look at the overall historical past of collared jewellery, the way it impacts menswear immediately, and how one can incorporate it into your individual seems to be. With a nod to jazz nice and jive slang aficionado, Cab Callaway, get able to “collar” all that we have now to say about collar jewellery.

A (Temporary) Historical past of Collar Jewellery  

Wearing gold neck jewelry known as Celtic lunula.
Sporting gold neck jewellery referred to as Celtic lunula.[Image credit:]

All through historical past, mankind has had a fascination with sporting jewellery across the neck – from the Historical Egyptian Usekh and the Celtic lunula, to medieval and early fashionable bejeweled collars and ornamental gorget. The final of those, by the way in which, was initially an ornamental piece of armor defending the throat.

Collar Jewellery: Starched Collars

1. Collar Studs

Classic gold collar stud worn on starched collars.
Traditional gold collar stud worn on starched collars. [Image Credit: Darcy Clothing]

There are lots of extra examples that we might listing right here, however for the sake of brevity and to maintain issues related to the vast majority of what we’ll be discussing immediately, we’ll quick ahead to the mid-Nineteenth century and the varieties of collar jewellery worn with starched collars. Extra particularly then, we’ll start in earnest by discussing the basic collar stud.

This purposeful piece of jewellery, which you would possibly acknowledge from tv reveals like Downton Abbey or Peaky Blinders, was used to carry in place the removable starched collars that males wore with their gown shirts within the Nineteenth century.

An improved gold swiveling head design for collar studs.
An improved gold swiveling head design for collar studs. [Image credit: Darcy Clothing]

The fundamental stud was one piece consisting of a easy shaft with a flat head and flat again. Some designs, nonetheless, had improved performance with issues like swiveling heads or pole-pin mechanisms to make them simpler to placed on and take off.

Designs could possibly be pretty easy, like ball or oval studs, or closely ornamented with ornate designs. Mass market examples have been sometimes comprised of brass, however formal, luxurious colour studs have been additionally comprised of issues like treasured metals, similar to gold and silver, and utilizing treasured or semi-precious stones. The British Royal Air Pressure even produced studs with hidden compasses in them.

2. Tie Retainers

Tie retainers are used to clip a tie to the underlying shirt front.
Tie retainers are used to clip a tie to the underlying shirt entrance.

With that, we are able to discover our option to the following kind of colour jewellery worn with starch collars: the tie retainer. Neckwear might typically experience up the sleek, shiny sides of a starched collar. So, to carry their neckwear in place, males use various kinds of tie retention techniques, just like the tie retainer, which was, in essence, an early type of tie clip.

Within the instance you’re seeing right here, the heart-shaped piece could be inserted behind the collar, upside-down, in order that the shaft and criminal might sit in entrance of the collar and maintain the tie material in place.

When using a tie clip the embellishment should be visible.
When utilizing a tie clip, the embellishment ought to be seen.

The seen portion of the clip was embellished as a result of, in any case, if folks have been going to see it, it would as properly look good. By the way in which, if these two examples have piqued your curiosity, then we expect you’ll take pleasure in our information on obscure males’s jewellery.

They Wore What?! 10 Obscure Males’s Equipment & Jewellery

The Transition from Starched Collars to Smooth Collars

The shift of men wearing starched collars into a softer one.
From starched collars, males began sporting softer collars.

Across the 1910s, most males have been switching from sporting stiff, starched collars more often than not to softer, connected collars. So, what occurred right here? Effectively, males wanted new varieties of collar jewellery.

The largest concern with tender collars is that the collar ideas – technically known as “leaves” – might develop into droopy and disjointed in an uneven or sloppy trend. Throughout the Golden Age of Menswear, although, most males most popular their collars to be neat and structured with a decent distance between the 2 collar leaves known as a “collar unfold.

How a structured collar spread looks like.
The fundamental anatomy of a shirt collar [Image Credit: Real Men Real Style]

As a result of collars have been now not usually starched then, new varieties of collared jewellery have been wanted to present the collar construction, maintain the leaves tightly collectively, and elevate the tie knot. There’s likelihood you’ve heard of the latter three varieties of collar jewellery we’re going to debate immediately, however first, we’ll begin with two extra obscure examples.

Smooth Collars

3. Collar Suggestions

Decorative metal Collar Tips for western and rockabilly shirts made of silver and metal with cowboy motifs, stones, and filigrees.
Ornamental steel Collar Suggestions for western and rockabilly shirts made from silver and steel with cowboy motifs, stones, and filigrees.

The primary of those could be collar ideas, that are sometimes worn in basic menswear as a option to give the collar some adornment when not sporting a tie. This accent got here to prominence within the Forties when America was within the grips of a cowboy craze. Along with creating some sudden visible curiosity, the information additionally weighed down the leaves of the collar, holding them in place as a kind of reverse collar keep.

Talking of collar stays, by the way in which, we gained’t be discussing them at size immediately as a result of, not like collar ideas, collar stays, when worn correctly, aren’t seen. Subsequently, they’re purely purposeful and don’t actually function jewellery. Apart from, we’ve already made a information about collar stays.

Shirt Stays & Collar Stays Information

Ought to You Put on Collar Suggestions At the moment?

As to the query of whether or not it’s best to put on collar ideas immediately, we wouldn’t actually suggest it if you happen to’re going for the standard, basic look, regardless that they do have some historic pedigree. Should you’re going for a distinctly Western outfit or trying to stand out in a singular means, then collar ideas is likely to be for you, however usually, we’d advise in opposition to them.

4. Collar Brooches

Bold design options for collar brooches on men.
Daring design choices for collar brooches on males.

Subsequent up is an much more “exuberant” piece of collar jewellery: the collar broach. Collar brooches are worn both connected to the collar leaves with pins or utilizing the pinhole collar or worn within the collar unfold in lieu of a tie.

They often function daring, ornamental components that like collar ideas might be fairly audacious and would possibly come off as showy or affected. And, once more, if what you’re going for is a basic look, then we’d advise in opposition to them. Should you do need to be extra avant-garde, although, go forward and broach the topic.

5. Collar Pins

A gold collar pin holds the two ends of a dress shirt together.
A gold collar pin holding the 2 ends of a gown shirt collectively. [Pictured: Collar Pin Safety Pin Gold Fort Belvedere]

From right here on out, we’ll be discussing the three mostly worn varieties of collar jewellery, each traditionally and immediately, beginning with collar pins.

Because the identify implies, this accent consists of a pin that pierces each of the collar leaves, holding them in place. This retains the leaves in a degree place to 1 one other, holds them nearer collectively for a tighter collar unfold, and elevates the tie knot.

A piece of men's jewelry that passes underneath the knot of a necktie.
A collar pin elevated a tie knot. [Pictured: Collar Pin Safety Pin Silver Fort Belvedere and Cashmere Wool Grenadine Tie in Dark Blue, Burgundy, Light Grey Stripe – Fort Belvedere]

A collar pin is a simple-to-use, understated accent that works finest when it isn’t drawing an excessive amount of consideration to itself. Most collar pins shut with a mechanism just like a big security pin. Some do function treasured stones or engraved patterns, however oftentimes, these bulkier designs will negatively have an effect on the performance of the collar pin. This might trigger the tie knot to seem to come out greater than desired or trigger the collar leaves to seem distended. Extra scaled-down collar pins then will seem simply as elegant with none of those drawbacks.

Which Collars Are Greatest for a Collar Pin?

Collar pins are attached to your shirt collars by piercing both sides.
Collar pins are connected to your shirt collars by piercing either side. [Pictured: Collar Pin Safety Pin Silver Fort Belvedere]

Collar pins are designed to be worn with tender, turned-down collars which can be unstructured. The pin is ready to attract the collar leaves collectively properly for a tidy and trim look. In fact, the pin wants to have the ability to attain each of the collar leaves, so collar pins – and most collar jewellery, for that matter – aren’t actually designed to be worn with widespread or cutaway collars. Clearly, as a result of collar pins work by poking into the material, they do require piercing your shirt collar.

For fused collars – through which the collar interlining is heated and glued collectively, and the looks of the collar is stiff, shiny, and comparatively rigid – these holes might be pretty noticeable as a result of the fabric is damaged by the pinpoint.

Raphael showing what a fused collar looks like.
Raphael exhibiting what a fused collar seems to be like. [Pictured: Cashmere Wool Grenadine Tie in Orange, Gray Wide Stripe – Fort Belvedere]

To keep away from these noticeable holes then, reserve your collar pins for unfused collars, which you’ll distinguish by their tender, unstructured look.

Right here, the pinpoint is extra prone to push its means between the material’s fibers versus straight via them. Injury to the shirt collar materials may also be eradicated or at the least mitigated by way of extraordinarily slender pinpoints.

When designing our Fort Belvedere collar pins, for instance, we deliberately made our pinpoints 25% slimmer than the market common, so you should utilize them with a number of varieties of shirt collars with out poking them filled with holes.

And if you happen to’re extremely involved about collar harm, you can even put on your collar pins with a kind of collar that comes with holes pre-made, however for extra on this, we’ll get into our subsequent kind of collar jewellery: the collar bar.

6. Collar Bars

Collar bars are appealingly designed for pinhole collars.
Collar bars are designed for pinhole collars. [Image credit: Nepenthes New York]

In fact, you gained’t must poke any holes in your collar in the event that they already come pre-poked. Shirt collars, referred to as “pinhole collars” include pre-finished eyelets in them. And whereas they are often worn with collar pins, they’re ideally designed for collar bars.

This kind of collar jewellery consists of a bar that runs from one collar leaf to the opposite, passing via the eyelets, and which is secured at both finish by a guard. Collar bars are undoubtedly an announcement piece as they require a selected kind of blouse collar, and so they draw extra consideration due to their guards.

Different designs to choose from in these silver collar bars.
Totally different designs to select from in these silver collar bars. [Pictured: Collar bars from Fort Belvedere]

The best guards are dumbbell or barbell formed with a spherical design, however extra ornate designs are additionally out there with issues like artwork deco-inspired cubes and hexagons which can be undoubtedly indicative of the basic model.

Whereas different guard shapes, extra use of colour, and components like ornamental chains are extra frequent in fashionable designs, we’d once more usually suggest shying away from these if what you’re going for is a basic look.

Which Collars Are Greatest for a Collar Bar?

In terms of which collars are finest right here, as we already acknowledged, you just about should put on a collar bar with a collar that has its pinholes pre-made. And no, we wouldn’t counsel that you just attempt making your individual.

Keep in mind that the spread of your collar must be proportion to the length of your collar bar.
Keep in mind that the unfold of your collar should be proportional to the size of your collar bar.

Notice additionally that collar bars do have a set size, so it’s necessary that you just harmonize the size of the bar with the unfold of your collar. The top guards ought to be flush with the eyelets. So, if the unfold is just too slender, issues are going to look bunched, and, if it’s too vast, you’ll have awkward gaps at both aspect.

Prior to now, males tried to resolve this concern with adjustable, over-engineered collar bars, however an easier and higher answer is simply to purchase a collar bar that’s within the correct dimension, which is why we at Fort Belvedere supply our collar bars in three sizes.

Fort Belvedere has these collar bars in 3 sizes to fit perfectly according to use.
Fort Belvedere has these collar bars in 3 sizes to suit completely in line with use.

7. Collar Clips

Now that we’ve lined collar jewellery with specific necessities like particular shirt collars or materials that may keep away from harm. Let’s shut our listing with probably the most accessible type of colour jewellery on the market: the collar clip.

Collar clips from the Fort Belvedere collections.
Collar clips from the Fort Belvedere assortment.

Developed within the Nineteen Twenties, the collar clip – additionally generally known as a “collar grip” – merely clips on to every leaf of your collar. They’ve barely extra bulk and, subsequently, extra visible curiosity than a collar pin with a robust horizontal line that’s paying homage to a collar bar. Some clips work by sliding them over the leaves of the collar, the place they’re then held in place with pressure from the bifurcated, sprung steel.

This model was pioneered by the Swank Firm, so that you’ll generally hear them known as “Swank clips.” As a result of solely pressure is holding them in place, nonetheless, they will come free if you happen to’re transferring your head and neck to a better diploma and are extra seemingly to take action because the clip ages or is used over time.

An example of a silver swank clip that has a sprung metal.
An instance of a silver swank clip that has a sprung steel. [Image credit: Villa Collezione ]

Different mechanisms use levers that reveal a uninteresting pin or tooth. When the lever is snapped again over the leaf of the collar, the tooth holds it firmly in place. Maybe one of the best mechanism although is one popularized within the early-Twentieth century that makes use of easy sprung clips. These gained’t harm your collar, are straightforward to use, and keep on reliably.

This kind of design is the one which impressed our Fort Belvedere collar clips, though we’ve made some additional enhancements.

The perfect collar clip to use creates harmony between the tie knot and the clip.
The right collar clip to make use of creates concord between the tie knot and the clip. [Pictured: Large Collar Clip in Yellow Gold for Medium to Larger Spread Collars by Fort Belvedere]

Our collar clip is extra ergonomic with its concave center, giving your tie a spot to sit down, creating an ideal concord between tie knot, collar, and clip. We’ve additionally engineered our clips with tighter coils than different manufacturers, guaranteeing that they gained’t slip, providing you with grip with out damaging your collar.

Which Collars Are Greatest for a Collar Clip?

Collar clips work properly with nearly any kind of ordinary, turned-down collar, fused or unfused, supplied that the clip can truly attain each leaves of the collar comfortably. We wouldn’t suggest sporting them with pinhole collars, although, as this mix could be pointless and would look somewhat foolish. Don’t put on them with button-down collars or tab collars both. as this could once more be redundant.

Best fit for fused or unfused collars.
A collar clip is finest for fused or unfused collars. [Pictured: Large Collar Clip in Rose Gold for Medium to Larger Spread Collars by Fort Belvedere]

And by the way in which, if you happen to’d wish to study extra about area of interest collar varieties, you possibly can seek the advice of our information on collars.

Shirt Collar Kinds for Males: The Full Information

You need the clip to sit down elegantly and unobtrusively. Though, its precise look will fluctuate primarily based on whether or not you might be sporting a collar with a narrower or wider unfold. A clip size of about 50 millimeters or two inches is finest for normal collars, or these with a good narrower unfold. In the meantime, a clip size of 70 millimeters or about two and three-quarters inches is finest for wider-spread collars or males with thicker necks, who subsequently want bigger collars. And whichever of those you want, you’re in luck, as Fort Belvedere presents collar clips in each lengths. 

Our basic 50-millimeter clips have been a favourite amongst our prospects for years and our giant 70-millimeter clips are actually stronger and sturdier than ever earlier than. And each lengths can be found in yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum silver finishes.

Development and Supplies

On that notice, let’s briefly transition from speaking about collar jewellery varieties to discussing building and supplies. The precise performance of every kind of collar jewellery dictates the way it’s assembled, however crucial side throughout every type is the fabric from which the jewellery is made.

Materials that are made from gold are the most preferred items to be sold.
Collar jewellery that has a gold or silver luster is most popular by many.

Probably the most favored supplies for collar jewellery are people who have gold or silver lusters. These embody base metals in related tones, base metals plated in treasured metals, or strong treasured metals. Pure base metals are cheap and sturdy in and of themselves. However, to maintain costs low, they’re typically poorly constructed, resulting in a flimsy remaining product. And, in fact, they lack the real, wealthy luster of treasured metals.

Alternatively, strong treasured metals have a beautiful look, however they’re typically very costly. For instance, the uncooked steel for a strong gold collar clip weighing simply 8 grams would value over 4 hundred {dollars}. Additionally, treasured metals are very tender, which isn’t excellent for a hard-wearing, regular-use merchandise like collar jewellery, and that is very true for a collar clip with its transferring components.

Fort Belvedere collar clips are made from high standard quality of materials to last long.
Fort Belvedere collar clips are comprised of high-quality supplies to final lengthy.

So, then, plating can provide the better of each worlds with the lustrous look of treasured metals and the sturdiness of base metals, all at an affordable value. For instance, at Fort Belvedere, our collar jewellery is comprised of strong brass or stainless-steel, guaranteeing sturdiness and a pleasing heft, and it’s then plated with one in every of three treasured metals – sensible yellow gold, heat rose gold, or alluring silver platinum.

Additionally, we at Fort Belvedere use an additional thick plating layer of two microns. So, you’ll by no means have to fret in regards to the treasured metals rubbing off, even with repeated use.

Suggestions For Sporting

Lastly, immediately, now that we’ve realized in regards to the various kinds of collar jewellery and the way they’re made. Let’s focus on how one can put on them stylishly.

1. Not Above the Knot

Collar clips should be placed underneath the tie knot.
Collar clips ought to be positioned beneath the tie knot. [Pictured: Large Collar Clip in Rose Gold for Medium to Larger Spread Collars by Fort Belvedere]

Collar jewellery ought to be worn beneath your tie knot to delicately elevate it and placed on after you’ve tied your tie. Additionally, for a basic look, collar jewellery shouldn’t be worn with a traditional lengthy necktie versus by itself. And by the way in which, don’t put on a bow tie both as it could cowl up the jewellery and defeat the aim.

2. Know Your Knot 

Keep it classic with a slimmer tie look.
Preserve it basic with a slimmer tie look.

To keep away from bulging out, collar jewellery often seems to be finest when worn with slimmer tie knots just like the 4-in-Hand or the Oriental. By the way in which, you possibly can discover ways to tie each of these knots right here. 

3. Suitably Sized 

Proportion is the key.
Proportion is the important thing.

As we’ve talked about a number of instances immediately, properly-sized collar jewellery is crucial for a dapper look. If the jewellery is just too small, it is going to pinch and wrinkle your collar and, if it’s too giant, it is going to dangle down or lengthen too far out. And, in fact, neither of those are look. Know additionally that collar jewellery shouldn’t actually be worn in any respect with extraordinarily widespread or cutaway collars, wing collars, or any of the opposite semi-obscure collar varieties we alluded to beforehand.

4. Much less is Extra 

Maintain a minimalistic approach when it comes to styling.
Keep a minimalistic method with regards to styling.

Showy or flashy components like treasured stones, carvings, chains, and the like are all going to attract your whole onlookers’ consideration on to your collar jewellery. Classically although, collar jewellery is supposed to delicately construction your collar and elevate your tie knot, all in an understated means. Subsequently, we’d counsel that you just choose for easy, timeless designs that assist to finish your look and make every thing shine harmoniously.

5. Formulate Formality

Avoid using collar jewelry with a black tie.
Keep away from utilizing collar jewellery with a black tie. [Image credit:]

Regardless of its present recognition in some arenas of extra up to date formal styling, collar jewellery – classically talking – shouldn’t be worn with Black Tie-optional apparel and definitely not with Black Tie or White Tie.

You could find extra details about these most formal gown codes utilizing our complete guides to Black Tie and White Tie. And if you happen to’re excited about extra styling recommendations on find out how to put on males’s jewellery, we’ve acquired a complete put up on that topic.

Males’s Jewellery: All About Rings, Chains, & Extra Equipment


So, now that you just’ve collared all there’s to learn about collar jewellery, we are able to’t wait to see what sorts of seems to be you set along with this distinctive menswear accent kind. And that will help you get began, we’ll point out that, in our Fort Belvedere store, we provide bulk reductions. So, with diminished costs, while you purchase our collar jewellery items in multiples of 4, it’s straightforward to construct up a classy assortment shortly.

Outfit Rundown

At the moment, I’m, in fact, sporting a chunk of collar jewellery. On this case, it’s the latest addition to the Fort Belvedere store, the collar clip within the new, longer size. Made out of strong brass and coated in silver-colored platinum, its 70-millimeter size is good for the wider-spread collar shirt that I’m sporting.

With that mentioned, although, many of the shirts in my very own assortment function basic collars with a narrower unfold. So, I sometimes go for our basic collar clip in a narrower size. Apart from its unfold collar, my shirt doesn’t have too many different particulars to it. It’s, in fact, in plain white and easily options barrel cuffs.

My tie can be from Fort Belvedere immediately. It’s a mix of cashmere and wool in a grenadine weave, that includes giant stripes in petrol blue and purple and a smaller stripe in grey. Working with the colours within the tie, I’ve gone for a V-necked sweater in berry-colored purple cashmere immediately, and trousers in plain medium blue.

My blue suede sneakers are loafers from Henry Stevens, a comparatively new line from the German model, ShoePassion. Lastly right here, my socks are additionally from Fort Belvedere. They’re in navy blue, that includes clock patterns in medium blue and white.

To go together with the comparatively informal really feel of the outfit, I’ve left the product out of my hair and let my facial hair develop a bit. And if I have been to go for a perfume, one thing like Polo Ralph Lauren’s “Blue” might go together with the blue tones in my outfit.

And, in fact, yow will discover all the Fort Belvedere equipment I’m sporting in immediately, in addition to a wide selection of different males’s equipment and collar jewellery specifically, by visiting the Fort Belvedere store.


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