“Elena Perminova”: a Cinderella of fashion

“Elena Perminova”: a Cinderella of fashion

Born on September, 1, 1986, married and has 3 children, Elena Perminova is a Russian newly It girl fashion model called as the “street style star”. Elena is an unavoidable star: though with a discreet nature, the professional fashion model is everywhere: if she is not with the Fashion Week everywhere in the world, she is in front line of the most prestigious Houses. She even covers the first page of the most famous magazine “ELLE”. Her last fashion shots for this magazine was organized by Angela Donava and Gil Zetbase in the beautiful scenery of Maldives at the most prestigious hotels of “Waldorf Astoria Maldives Lthaafushi” a few days before confinement has started. Elena is regularly immortalized by street style photographers due to her original style and her unique personality. She does not need to ask to be noticed; her charm seduced number of creators and her dressing shows a mix of those creations. We cannot forget her sweats Kenzo, dresses created by the duo the most stylish of all creators, Proenza Schouler, and also Giambattista Valli. It is not surprising to see her at the first desired of all models and having many fun and followers in her Instagram account.

Plastic model, perfect and fashion icon, Elena is also an incredible wife and mother of three children. Through her Instagram we can find Elena’s routine as “super mother”. Elena takes care of her dear children perfectly as she makes them her priority but she never forget to take care of herself by practicing sport every day.

Elena Perminova, now the top of the Russian Jet Set, had a modest and simple life in the past. Born in Siberia, her life was not always as of a Cinderella in fashion she reflects at present. This is probably a reason for her to continue studying. Elena though married and a mother, studies economy to help her husband in his businesses. 

Her story continues, Elena after the delivery of her last daughter appeared at the center of topic about health; she is accused to give a bad example in appearing as a perfect and nude silhouette at Vogue in Russian version, 60 days after her childbirth. She decided to practice sports earlier than should it be. She even gave dangerous counsels about keeping slim after delivery during her interview with the shots.

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