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Because He Loves It

Because He Loves It

Because He Loves It

Photographer: Andrew Gabay  @andrewgabay

Model: Ryan Thomas @ryan_thomas222

Model: Eden Lorraine  @eden_lorraine

Creative Director: Elyse Anastacia  @elyse_anastacia

Creative Director: Sarah Knox  @sarah_knocks

Female Model/Photographer: Rachel Rigler @1AM Management  @rachrigler

Makeup Artist: Taylor Petrone  @taylorpetrone 

The purpose of the “Because he loves it.” campaign is to communicate Dora Larsen’s feminist message while combining their colorful and playful brand into the ads. The use of “domestic” objects, a reversal of traditional gender roles, and splashes of color influenced by pop art, work to achieve a humorous commentary on what a “man loves.” Dora Larsen is a brand built on the values of women owning their bodies and comfort. This campaign effectively tells the story of a woman who dresses for herself and on her terms.


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