5 Female fashion influencers you should not miss this summer

Betty Autier
Jeanne Damas
Caroline Receveur
Garance Doré

“5 Female fashion influencers you should not miss this summer”.

French fashion influencers has always been successful ways for brands promoting and strategies in digital marketing. Their every move and gestures mean a lot for fashion lovers that makes them a way of success for creators, designers and brand owners.

Here are 5 of the top influencers in France: 


  1. Betty Autier, a pioneer of blogging

Betty Autier is a leader in fashion blogging, she could gather great number of people through her smart, sharp and advanced look. She is among the influencers who have the most of followers and subscribers in the world of fashion with 991k subscribers.

  1. Jeanne Damas, the splendid French fashion blogger

Jeanne Damas is a fashion model known by her “mother and daughter campaign” at the Comptoirs des Cotonniers. This was a good start for her since she could attract many French people and foreigners. Approved by high personalities in fashion, she thus launched her own brand named: “Rouge” which is already becoming popular in social networks with already 1.2millions of subscribers.

  1. Caroline Receveur: a self-made woman

Caroline Receveur was known first through TV realities. She took advantages of the situation to get and hold contracts for fashion brands. She could quickly find her place in social networks, and became an unavoidable person in fashion. With her Instagram posts, she has more than 3 million of subscribers a day.

  1. Noholita, the natural-way fashion influencer of France

Noholita is a next door, cool and simple fashion blogger. Being special thanks to her honesty, she indeed expresses her likes and envies in social networks with no hesitation. In spite of that, she is never late and follows the latest trends. Noholita could even create her own style, she has about 700k of followers in Instagram now.

  1. Garance Doré, an elegant artist,

She is one of the first bloggers ranked at the firsts in fashion shows. She represents fashion from all who surrounds her whether artistic or not. Her inspirations, her travels, her intimate photos, her favorite quotes are all shared in her Instagram page.




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