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TATRAS S/S 2021, which is announced digitally, carries a strong message of encouragement to pursue light and hope that we will never lose sight of. The “emotional” element has been expressed from the use of eyes and body language throughout the film.

Set in a desert (or Mars) with only few vegetation, the video reminds us of a new foreign world that has not been explored yet.

In the vast, beautiful, and harsh nature, we will find ourselves in loneliness while feeling the need of human interaction.

TATRAS Spring/Summer collection showcases the beauty of molding, materials, and graphics created and built by the power and energy of human connection, respecting all the individuals and their identities.

The jacquard knitting pattern and the drape design are inspired by traditional folk costumes, representing their evolution.

Styles and materials have been designed to allow the garments to be used in any climatic condition, such as sandstorms or very strong winds.

The garments printed on linen, with a light but resistant texture, represent the designs of an oasis, a symbol of hope and life, to move strongly towards a new future.


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