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Stéphane Rolland SS 22

Stéphane Rolland SS 22

Stéphane Rolland

A movement revealing a thought.
Stéphane Rolland deconstructs to express a new balance, full of reminiscence. He remodels and outsizes.
Yes, the movement reveals who we are. Voluptuousness is in season for this new summer collection.
The young Italian-Spanish painter Viani’s abstract expressionism is inspiring.
Each look spreads generously into airy tunics and kaftans.
Rich minimalism.
Sleeves caress the floor, immense draped hoods and head veils add some mystery, some protection.
As airy as impressive, chiffons glide and move on draped toga dresses.
Metallic weaves lighten long sea jackets.
Dressed with an inverted cape or an open tunic, the woman turns our back to us to better expose it.
A tailored jacket with solar hues rubs shoulders with a Tibetan jacket in embroidered suede, wrapped like a blanket on a body.
Skirts are fluid and see-through, as light as air. Trousers and extra-large jumpsuits sculpted in white wool gazar define a new balance.         
A stability.
Curves are declined in pebble sculptures, from the way the gowns are constructed to the embroideries or leather coated jewelries.
These jewels are made from gigantic stones; as precious as emeralds, aquamarines, topazes and citrines in crystal blown and chiseled by Théophile Caille, the French flame glassmaker.
A style, a woman, a spirit.

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