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Seersucker Guide – The Fabric, The Suits & Its Origins

Seersucker Guide – The Fabric, The Suits & Its Origins


Be taught Make the most of Seersucker in Your Summer season Appears!

For hundreds of years, seersucker has been a attribute material related to the USA and the American South specifically. Whimsical, enjoyable, and uniquely textured, the coolness and distinctive look of seersucker have made it a preferred warm- and hot-weather choice for fashionable gents throughout the globe, and it’s repeatedly used to make slacks, jackets, shorts, fits, and sport shirts.

On this information, we’ll cowl quite a lot of matters referring to integrating seersucker into your summer time wardrobe. We’ll share with you the traits of seersucker, its high quality hallmarks, our purchasing information, the historical past of the material, and way more.

So pour your self a glass of candy tea, or perhaps a mint julep, and sit down for a spell as we element every part you’ll ever have to learn about seersucker!

Defining Seersucker: A Puckered Cotton Weave

The Definition and Etymology of the Phrase “Seersucker”

Seersucker, generally known as “railroad stripe,” is a skinny material often constituted of cotton that has been woven with a novel puckered look. It’s usually striped however will also be a strong or cheque.

Example of "Farsi" written in the Persian language

The origins of the phrase


“Seersucker” is an Anglicization of the Persian title for the fabric, which is شیر و شکر (shir eu shakar). Actually that means “sugar and milk,” it’s supposed to seize the truth that seersucker is each clean, like milk, and likewise prominently rumpled, due to the puckering, like a pile of sugar.

How Seersucker is Made

Traditionally, seersucker was made utilizing alternating cotton and silk or linen warp yarns. Throughout washing, the cotton would shrink greater than the silk or linen, creating the material’s warped texture.

Photo of Tom Petty

“Create myself down south / Impress all the ladies / Fake I’m Samuel Clemens / Put on seersucker and white linens”

Tom Petty

Immediately, seersucker is made virtually completely from cotton. Within the fashionable course of, particular person warp yarns are pulled tighter than others in a way referred to as slack-tension weaving. The alternating bands of upper and decrease stress produce the material’s distinctive puckered look.

The Historical past of Seersucker in Menswear

Seersucker’s Origins in Mughal India

Period illustration of Mughal rulers
Amongst its many contributions to sartorial historical past, seersucker can also be attributed to the Mughal Empire. [Image Credit: Wikimedia]

The precise origins of seersucker are unknown, though it virtually definitely originated within the Indian Subcontinent. Within the 18th century, when European powers encountered the Mughal Empire that dominated India, the material was well-known and favored as a result of it was so cooling, was sturdy, and might be simply washed.

The British Empire Introduces Seersucker to the West

Following the mixing of India into the British Empire, seersucker grew to become a popular material throughout the tropical British colonial holdings. Colonial officers, specifically, had total fits reduce from seersucker, and with time the material was adopted in Europe and North America to be used in sizzling climates.

Seersucker is Popularized within the Southern United States

Within the sizzling and muggy American South, specifically, seersucker proved particularly common due to its cooling impact and the truth that it was comparatively sturdy and straightforward to scrub. Through the American Civil Struggle, a number of regiments of the Accomplice States of America wore seersucker uniforms, probably the most well-known of which have been Zouaves models just like the Louisiana Tigers.

Cool Materials Are Important within the Warmth

Previous to the invention of recent conveniences like electrical followers and air con, cooling materials like seersucker have been important for every day put on, and seersucker remained a particularly common material throughout the South for many years to come back, cementing this materials’s affiliation with the area.

Image of the Haspel Co logo

The primary Seersucker Mass-producer

Haspel & Co.

Seersucker was not mass-produced in the USA till shortly after 1909 when Joseph and Harry Haspel based The Haspel Firm.As a part of a publicity stunt, Joseph Haspel wore a seersucker swimsuit to a enterprise conference in Florida, the place he walked into the ocean sporting it, wore it till it dried, after which appeared earlier than his fellow businessmen, thereby showcasing the material’s distinctive traits. The Haspel Firm continues to fabricate seersucker to today.

Seersucker within the Early Twentieth Century: The Poor Man’s Swimsuit

Photo of a garden in Charleston, South Carolina
Though common within the Southern cities, like Charleston, South Carolina, seersucker was appeared down upon in different elements of the USA.

Due to its relative sturdiness and cooling impact, seersucker was considered a working material outdoors of the South. Moreover, as a result of the American South was usually thought of backward and destitute by the remainder of the nation, seersucker, as a cloth, was not held in excessive esteem, and fits constituted of it have been typically denigrated as a “poor man’s swimsuit.”

John Nance Garner, a Texas congressman who would go on to turn into vice chairman below Franklin D. Roosevelt, was as soon as misidentified as a no one by his constituents as a result of, in his seersucker swimsuit, he appeared “none too prepossessing, and by no means the bodily Congressional sort….

Photo of Joseph Guerney Cannon

“The climate was damned sizzling!”

Joseph Guerney Cannon on why he wore a seersucker swimsuit to satisfy the president

In 1903, Illinois congressman Joseph Guerney Cannon brought on a minor scandal when he broke with protocol and appeared earlier than President Theodore Roosevelt in a seersucker swimsuit, and never the normal black wool frock coat conventionally worn on state events. When requested why he had executed this, Cannon replied, “The climate was damned sizzling!”

Photo of a Steam Locomotive Engineer wearing seersucker cap and overalls

A historic seersucker sample

Hickory Stripe

Beginning within the late Nineteenth century and thru the early Twentieth century, industrial employees, together with prepare engineers and oil firm laborers, started sporting overalls, jackets, and peaked caps constituted of a seersucker with blue indigo stripes as a result of it was hardwearing and straightforward to scrub. This distinctive sample, referred to as Hickory Stripe or Railroad Stripe, continues to be popularly related to railroad workers, and to today, the uniform of the Union Pacific Railroad includes a cap with blue and white stripes.

Seersucker within the Mid-Twentieth Century: A Badge of Affluence

Illustration of a 1930s summer scene at a cruise port
By the Twenties and ’30s, seersucker was more and more accepted as one of many hot-weather materials worn by males worldwide.

Seersucker and the Prep Type

Because the Twenties and Nineteen Thirties noticed the rise of intra-continental resort tradition in the USA, prosperous People from the Central and Northern states started to spend more and more lengthy intervals of their summers within the balmy South. Compelled by the climate, they started to undertake using the seersucker swimsuit.

On the identical time, a cadre of Princeton dandies began a seersucker fad at their faculty, and the craze shortly unfold to different faculties. Light-weight and eccentric, the enjoyable colours of seersucker fits quickly grew to become an indicator of warm-and-hot climate Collegiate Type, and by extension, the Prep Type.

Study seersucker’s place within the Prep Type!

Duke of Windsor in Golf Attire

Seersucker is championed by the

Duke of Windsor

Whereas residing within the Bahamas throughout World Struggle II as a safety measure, Edward, the Duke of Windsor, started to put on seersucker fits. Because of his fame as a sartorial influencer, this endorsement by the duke brought on seersucker to surge in reputation, and shortly from California to the Greek Isles and the Italian Riviera to the West Indies, fashionable males might be seen sporting seersucker.

Seersucker in Mid-Century America

American newspaperman Damon Runyon even went as far as to declare that seersucker, previously related to the poor man’s swimsuit, had turn into “a badge of affluence.”

Through the Nineteen Fifties and Sixties, seersucker reached the peak of its reputation, turning into a ubiquitous sight within the American South and in sizzling climates the world over. Regardless of its extra basic attraction, nevertheless, the material nonetheless couldn’t shake its earliest common connections.

The Musing Miles in Seersucker Jacket with Cap

Seersucker in

Pop Tradition

Seersucker’s associations with the working class and the South have been emphasised by two cultural occasions in mid-century America. In 1955, jazz nice Mile Davis launched his The Musings of Miles album, showing on its cowl in a cap and seersucker jacket to emphasise the working-class aesthetics of the scene. Just a few years later, Gregory Peck, within the function of Atticus Finch within the 1962 movie adaption of To Kill a Mockingbird, would once more indelibly affiliate seersucker with Southerners, showing in such a swimsuit throughout a number of scenes.

Fashionable Temperature Management Places a Damper on Seersucker

Starting within the Nineteen Seventies, nevertheless, private and non-private buildings within the American South have been more and more fitted with air con. In consequence, hot-weather materials have been not as important as they as soon as have been. Moreover, the proliferation of cheaper artificial efficiency supplies inspired the final abandonment of seersucker as a de rigeur materials within the South.

A photograph of William Faulkner

“His trousers have been striped cotton seersucker, his shirt confirmed a badly frayed collar, and the belted jacket he had purchased in New York was too small for him. A handkerchief was thrust in his sleeve English-style, as standard. His felt hat appeared. . . up to now from about 1915.”

An outline of William Faulkner from 1951

Whereas seersucker by no means completely disappeared, it did lose its place within the Southern sartorial pantheon because the reigning summer time material, giving method in reputation to different supplies.

Seersucker Immediately

An Iconic Summer season Material

Whereas not as common because it as soon as was, seersucker nonetheless enjoys a privileged and common place in menswear. Internationally, it’s seen as a quintessentially American material, whereas in the USA, it’s related primarily with the South and with sizzling climates secondarily.

Photo of American congressmen wearing seersucker

The American Political custom of

Seersucker Day

In 1996, Mississippi Senator Trent Lott organized a Seersucker Thursday on a balmy day in June to construct comradery among the many members of Congress within the sultry Washington warmth. This custom was held yearly till 2012 when its observance grew to become extra irregular. Legislators in lots of Southern basic assemblies are additionally identified to put on seersucker, particularly in the event that they signify rural districts.

When the climate is sizzling, seersucker is common as a day material for spring and summer time social occasions at numerous formalities, together with backyard events and weddings or particular occasions just like the St. Jude Traditional Golf Event, now referred to as the FedEx St. Jude Championship. Usually talking, seersucker tends to be extra prevalent within the South, however because of its pedigree with the Prep Type, seersucker can nonetheless be seen throughout the North American continent and as a distinct segment garment within the tropics and Europe.

Immediately, you may put on seersucker as an distinctive hot-weather material that, with its distinctive look and texture, can function a enjoyable and attention-grabbing assertion piece – except you’re attending a social perform in Charleston, South Carolina or Savannah, Georgia, you’re more likely to be one of many solely gents in seersucker.

Be taught extra about all of our favourite hot-weather materials!

Seersucker FAQ

What’s seersucker?

Seersucker is a cotton material, usually with a striped sample, with a definite, puckered look. Traditionally, this texture was produced by interweaving shrinkable cotton yarns with unshrunken linen or silk yarns, however immediately, by slack-tension weaving, solely cotton is used: particular person teams of threads are woven at a better stress than others, producing the signature puckering.

What are the very best supplies for making seersucker?

Immediately, seersucker is made virtually completely from cotton, though prior to now, linen and silk have been additionally used. As is true with most cotton clothes, the very best seersucker will likely be constituted of long-staple cotton or extra-long-staple cottons like Sea Island Cotton, Egyptian Giza Cotton, and Pima Cotton.

What sorts of clothes are made out of seersucker?

Seersucker is most frequently related to full fits, however odd jackets and sport coats will also be constituted of seersucker, in addition to trousers and shorts. Seersucker shirts are additionally pretty widespread, as have been, traditionally, seersucker caps. These days, there’s additionally a marketplace for novelty seersucker equipment, comparable to baseball caps, pocket squares, and even neckties and bow ties.

What’s the formality of seersucker?

Historically, seersucker was a comparatively casual material reserved for the summer time months and worn as businesswear or social put on – it was unusual to see it as formal occasions. These days, nevertheless, seersucker fits, specifically, are typically thought of extra formal and might usually be seen at hot-weather day weddings, particularly within the American South. Conventionally, nevertheless, seersucker stays a day material and wouldn’t historically be worn as a part of formal night apparel.

At what occasions of the yr ought to I put on seersucker?

Due to its fame for coolness, seersucker is finest worn throughout heat and sizzling months. Subsequently, you need to be at liberty to put on seersucker every time it turns into sufficiently sizzling to justify seersucker. In America, two conventional dates are related to the sporting of seersucker. Within the South, seersucker was historically worn between Easter and October 1. In the remainder of the nation, it was historically worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. These dates, nevertheless, are merely pointers that delineate, typically, the most well liked occasions of the yr.

At what occasions of the day ought to I put on seersucker?

Due to its typically shiny palette and cooling development, seersucker is, conventionally, a daytime material. Whereas seersucker is sometimes utilized in extra formal clothes, comparable to dinner jackets, it isn’t historically supposed for nighttime put on on formal events, and if you happen to want to preserve the traditions of Traditional Type, a silk or linen dinner jacket needs to be worn as a substitute.

What are widespread seersucker patterns and colours?

Reflecting the 2 tensions of yarn utilized in its development, most seersucker materials are striped, though strong and cheque examples are additionally identified. As a warm- and hot-weather daytime material, seersucker is commonly coloured with one stripe in white and one other stripe in a shiny, vibrant coloration. Widespread examples embrace gentle grey, buff, gentle blue, shiny inexperienced, orange, yellow, and pink.

Is sporting seersucker racist?

No, it isn’t. Seersucker is commonly related to the American South typically, and due to the widespread common affiliation of the American South with racism, it’s assumed that issues from the South, comparable to seersucker fits, should even be racist. Simply as all the American South isn’t racist due to the presence of some racists in that area, so too is seersucker not racist just because, traditionally, some individuals who have been racist occurred to put on it.

The Advantages of Sporting Seersucker

Seersucker Has a Place in Your Summer season Wardrobe

Favored for many years within the sunny and muggy American South, seersucker is a superb material choice if you happen to repeatedly expertise sizzling and humid days. Whereas famend for its means to assist maintain you cool, seersucker additionally advantages from a number of different constructive qualities.

Cool and Refreshing

As a result of it’s light-weight, seersucker is a naturally extra cooling material, though the extraordinarily tight weave of the cotton restricts airflow. Nevertheless, it’s argued that the puckering within the material produces a cooling impact in different methods.

Preston wears a white lab coat

Prof. Preston Explains How seersucker

Retains you cool

In accordance with one idea, the ridges of the puckered floor enhance airflow to the garment’s floor and create pockets of cool air between the layers whereas additionally lifting the material away from the pores and skin. This creates a layer of air alongside the outside of the material and also will facilitate air circulation alongside the inside. One other idea, nevertheless, posits that the seersucker absorbs sweat after which evaporates it extra shortly from the outside of the material as a result of the extra floor space of the puckered texture creates extra factors of contact with the skin setting.

Raphael, nevertheless, has discovered that materials with extra open weaves, like Fresco, are typically higher at regulating physique warmth than seersucker.

Be taught in regards to the science of protecting cool from Prof. Preston!


Packing knit ties for travel is wrinkle-free and easy to manage when using after.
Seersucker is a good material to put on when touring as a result of it resists wrinkling.

Due to its puckered development, not solely is it harder to see the wrinkles in seersucker, the material itself is definitely harder to wrinkle. Subsequently, seersucker is usually a nice material to put on if you find yourself touring and won’t have common entry to an iron or steamer.

Visually Distinctive

Along with no matter patterns or colours you could have in your seersucker garment, the attention-grabbing texture of the seersucker itself is a enjoyable and interesting method so as to add sudden visible curiosity. Textures, reasonably than colours or patterns, are typically extra sedate, providing you with the leeway to nonetheless make the most of bolder equipment with out having to fret about turning into overwhelming whereas sporting seersucker.

Enjoyable Assertion Piece

Photo of Raphael wearing seersucker indoors
You don’t want to inform Raphael how a lot enjoyable seersucker will be!

Because of its lengthy and attention-grabbing historical past, related to everybody from Southern planters to jazz musicians and politicians to mint julep dandies, seersucker clothes have a specific appeal and sporting grace that inject appreciable persona into your look. Whereas usually related to Southerners, you wouldn’t have to be from the South to take pleasure in the advantages of seersucker as a pleasant assertion piece.

Assessing Seersucker High quality


Sea Island cotton is a particularly difficult fiber to grow and then spin into yarn.

100% Pure Fibers

Pure, long-staple cotton, particularly extra-long-staples, is the very best materials for seersucker. Keep away from artificial supplies as a result of they conduct airflow poorly and might really feel clammy and unsightly in your pores and skin.


Seersucker is another fantastic summer fabric.

Distinguished Ridges

Excessive-quality seersucker can have deep, outstanding ridges as a part of its puckering. Shallow ridges are sometimes an indication of inferior, cheaply-made material.


Navy melton wool is the most popular choice for peacoat fabrics

Thicker Material

The perfect seersucker will likely be comparatively thick due to the depth of the ridges and puckering. Thinner materials are flimsy and, along with being much less sturdy, will even be lank and fewer structured in your pores and skin.


To ensure maximum breathability consider a half-lined, quarter lined, or unlined jacket.


High quality seersucker, due to its thickness, doesn’t must be lined. Cheaper seersucker is often lined solely to bulk up the material and supply further construction to the in any other case flimsy garment.


Seersucker Fabric

Irregular Warp

When inspecting seersucker, look carefully on the warp. If the sample is irregular, it’s seemingly made utilizing the real slack-tension weave course of. If the warp is extremely common, it could be an imitation of the method.


J. Hilburn Shirt Button Wrinkles

Wrinkle Resistant

Excessive-quality seersucker will naturally masks and resist wrinkles. Should you crumple the seersucker in your hand and it leaves outstanding wrinkles, it isn’t well-made.

Widespread Seersucker Patterns and Colours


To mirror the 2 completely different tensions of warp yarn used within the manufacturing course of, most seersucker materials are white with stripes in a distinct coloration. Nevertheless, it’s also possible to discover strong seersucker and, sometimes, checks and plaids.

Historically, the stripes are comparatively slim, measuring roughly 2 -3mm or 1/10″ broad. Wider stripes will be as much as 5 mm or 1/5″ in thickness. Usually talking, the thicker the stripe, the bolder the look of the garment.


Seersucker in Different Colors & Patterns
Examples of the numerous colourful varities of seersucker.

As talked about, most seersucker clothes characteristic a white stripe with a stripe of a distinct coloration. As a result of seersucker is worn in hotter months, these colours are usually shiny or pastels. Mild or medium blue and white is by far the preferred pairing, however it’s also possible to discover stripes with gentle grey, buff, inexperienced, magenta, orange, pink, and yellow.

Stable seersucker clothes are often rendered in shades of blue, like gentle or navy, numerous hues of inexperienced, and a few pastels, like pink or yellow, though strong seersucker is, as talked about, comparatively uncommon.

Be taught the secrets and techniques to paint and sample matching in heat climate!

Seersucker Clothes


An illustration of men wearing summer ensembles of various formalities
Seersucker jackets are some of the distinctive warm-weather jackets you may put on.

One of the vital common methods to put on seersucker, jackets, both as a part of a swimsuit or as an odd jacket like a sport coat, make the most of the distinctive visible weight of seersucker as a part of the central mass of your physique so as to add sudden coloration and texture.

Jacket Particulars

Most seersucker fits immediately are single-breasted with both two or three buttons; they often come and not using a vest or waistcoat. This fashion selection makes excellent sense since you need as few insulating layers as potential in the summertime warmth.

Following the styling cues typical of menswear jackets immediately, most ready-to-wear seersucker jackets have a heart vent, notched lapels, and flap pockets.

These particulars, nevertheless, don’t take full benefit of the extra informal, laidback look typical of seersucker jackets. Whereas the peaked lapels are completely acceptable, in contrast to peaked lapels, that are just too formal, flap pockets are historically related to businesswear and never social apparel like jackets in seersucker. Patch pockets, however, are higher suited to the character of the garment and look nice with the pure drape of the material.

Equally, a middle jacket vent, with its origins in horseback using, isn’t often related to seersucker, and so aspect vents, that are extra flattering to the wearer and conducive to a wider vary of motions, are typically a more sensible choice.

William dons a well-fitting double-breasted seersucker jacket

Ought to your seersucker jacket be


In an effort to indicate off a brand new and sudden fashion, some males put on three-piece or double-breasted seersucker jackets. Whereas this look is completely nice, it isn’t consistent with Traditional conventions, and if you happen to simply overheat, you need to positively persist with the single-breasted seersucker jacket and not using a vest, as the additional layers might be stiffling.

Type It

Photo of seersucker jacket worn with gray trousers
A seersucker jacket worn with grey trousers, a white shirt, and a daring lilac tie and pocket sq..

Seersucker jackets have appreciable versatility. They will work as a part of a swimsuit or as an odd jacket and look nice paired with most different hot-weather materials. Except you need a very daring look, nevertheless, you shouldn’t put on seersucker jackets with seersucker trousers except they’re constituted of the very same material, or one of many articles is white. You must also by no means put on a seersucker shirt with a seersucker jacket except you’re going for a really specific and considerably outlandish look.

When touring, a light-weight seersucker swimsuit together with a sport coat permits for numerous combos and broad versatility with minimal weight.


Seersucker shirts have been popularized throughout the mid-Twentieth century, particularly as a part of a Preppy or Collegiate look. Cool, comfy, and enjoyable, seersucker shirts provide nice styling potential as a part of an informal ensemble and are an enthralling, sudden various to extra standard summer time shirts like polos or henleys.

Type It

Photo of man wearing seersucker shirt with ascot
A white seersucker shirt worn with a classic inexperienced ascot for a breezy summer time look.

Basically, seersucker shirts needs to be worn solely with very informal jackets and by no means with a seersucker jacket – the feel overload would merely be an excessive amount of. Seersucker shirts additionally look nice with trousers or shorts in summer-weight materials like linen or chino, however once more, don’t try to pair seersucker with seersucker.

Trousers and Shorts

Seersucker trousers are an awesome choice if you wish to incorporate an sudden texture into your look with out showing flashing. Seersucker trousers will be both pleated or flat-front, however virtually all examples have plain hems reasonably than cuffs, because the latter tends to look overly cumbersome.

Consistent with their summery and informal spirit, shorts are generally constituted of seersucker. A terrific choice for these searching for to domesticate an athletic and youthful look, seersucker shorts ought to conform to the styling cues typical of Traditional shorts.

Type It

Raphael wearing a Lacoste polo shirt paired with blue and white checked seersucker shorts, pair of Sperry boat shoes and vibrant blue with white laces and tan accents.
Raphael sporting a Lacoste polo shirt paired with blue and white checked seersucker shorts, pair of Sperry boat footwear and vibrant blue with white laces and tan accents.

Seersucker trousers will be worn with all kinds of shirts and jackets in lots of materials. Raphael, as an illustration, wears seersucker trousers much more usually than he wears seersucker fits as a result of the trousers, when worn with a summer time sport coat or blazer, tone down the general look, showing much less flashy however nonetheless distinctly summery.

Photo of a dinner jacket made from seersucker

Are you able to put on seersucker as

Formal Put on?

Through the top of its reputation within the Sixties, seersucker material was used for an rising number of clothes, together with formal night put on. Whereas thought of one thing of a novelty, you may, if you happen to need, put on a seersucker dinner jacket, supplied that it’s consistent with the formality of your occasion. Seersucker might be splendid, as an illustration, at a Artistic Black Tie soiree.

Type Seersucker

What to Put on with Seersucker Fits, Jackets, and Trousers

Illustration of a scene of men wearing various summer ensembles
Seersucker is simply one of many many materials that may be utilized in heat and hot-weather appears to be like.

When crafting an outfit round a seersucker swimsuit or combinational, make the most of the next strategies to assemble a various warm- and hot-weather wardrobe that can simply carry you thru many events within the spring and summer time.


Seersucker pairs properly with most shirts, however an open-weave summer time material can have the best affect and be finest suited to the climate. White is a flexible coloration that’s straightforward to pair, and Raphael often prefers this feature, however gentle blue, pink, or different pastel tones may look very dashing.

Cotton is, after all, a summer time pattern, however it’s also possible to go for linen or linen blends. Be conscious of how exuberant the colour and detailing of the shirt is, nevertheless, as a result of too many accents could turn into overloading, as seersucker is already bolder than different materials.


Summery Bow Ties for seersucker in Linen, Madras and Silk by Fort Belvedere
These summery bow ties pair completely with seersucker.

Consistent with fashion conventions related to the American South, bow ties are popularly worn with seersucker in a dapper look paying homage to the thrill of the Kentucky Derby. As a result of plain silk bow ties can seem flat compared with the feel of seersucker, contemplate blends in linen, cotton, and silk for a extra dynamic impact.

The Greatest Summery Bow Ties from Fort Belvedere!

Shantung Silk Striped Two Tone Bow Tie Bronze Orange, Green, Cream

Completely from Fort Belvedere

Shantung Silk Striped Two Tone Bow Tie Orange

Wool Challis Bow Tie in Burgundy Red with Yellow Polka Dots and Pointed Ends - Fort Belvedere

Completely from Fort Belvedere

Wool Challis Bow Tie in Burgundy with Polka Dots

Ancient Madder Silk Bow Tie in Buff and Red Micropattern

Completely from Fort Belvedere

Historic Madder Silk Bow Tie in Buff and Crimson Micropattern

Should you choose to put on a necktie together with your seersucker outfit, go for one thing summery and a bit extra uncommon, comparable to a linen tie or a knit tie. Madras is an excellent sample, and if you wish to go together with stripes, be certain that they’re broad to create a distinction to the nice stripe of the material. Stable pink, crimson, or navy ties may additionally look good, as do polka dots and even membership ties, however simply be certain that to not overdo it!

An illustration of a man in a creme suit relaxing under an awning

Figuring out the correct time to put on


As a light-weight material, seersucker is finest worn throughout heat and sizzling months. Subsequently, you need to be at liberty to put on seersucker every time it turns into sufficiently sizzling to justify seersucker. In America, two conventional dates are related to the sporting of seersucker. Within the South, seersucker was historically worn between Easter and October 1. In the remainder of the nation, it was historically worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day. These dates, nevertheless, are merely pointers that delineate, typically, the most well liked occasions of the yr.

Fort Belvedere Neckties Completely Fitted to Summer season

Knit Tie in Solid Olive Green Silk - Fort Belvedere

Completely from Fort Belvedere

Knit Tie in Stable Olive Inexperienced

Wool Challis Tie in Turquoise with Gray, Orange, Navy and Yellow Pattern - Fort Belvedere

Completely from Fort Belvedere

Wool Challis Tie in Turquoise

Knit Tie in Solid Pale Yellow Silk

Completely from Fort Belvedere

Knit Tie in Stable Pale Yellow

Together with his seersucker, Raphael virtually at all times wears both linen ties or knit ties as a result of they give the impression of being basic but distinctive and really dapper.

See if summer time ascots would pair together with your seersucker!


Historically, seersucker fits have been worn with white buckskin oxfords. This basic look is timeless however may seem considerably dramatic in response to modern menswear, so bear in mind that you’ll positively stand out. White bucks will be toned down significantly with using harmonious shoelace colours, which additionally present a easy technique to subtly change up your seersucker-and-bucks look each time you put on it.

For a extra sedate look, contemplate brown or tan footwear, particularly these constituted of suede. Oxfords, derbies or loafers are all equally as properly suited.

Alternatively, for a fair bolder look, spectators could also be an awesome choice. Be very conscious, nevertheless, of how the colours of the spectators work together with the opposite colours in your ensemble. A beige seersucker appears to be like nice with tan-and-brown spectators, whereas a blue-and-white seersucker appears to be like horrible with a black-and-white spectator as a result of black is simply too harsh and insufficiently informal for seersucker. For a similar purpose, plain black footwear needs to be prevented as properly.

If you wish to go actually informal together with your seersucker pants or shorts, boat footwear are an excellent companion. In that case, you’ll want to put on an equally informal belt, like one with a madras sample.

Madras Belt and a seersucker outfit
A madras belt appears to be like nice with informal seersucker apparel!

Pocket Squares

Photo of a seersucker jacket worn with warm weather accessories
A 3-roll-two seersucker jacket worn with a burnt orange silk pocket sq. by Fort Belvedere.

A lot of the recommendation talked about within the above part on neckwear applies right here. Pocket squares in attention-grabbing blends which have outstanding textures, like cotton and linen or wool and silk, would be the most visually attention-grabbing. Consistent with the seasonality and informal nature of seersucker, be at liberty to experiment with dramatic colours and patterns, however don’t overdo it by piling in too many loud choices.

Rust Orange Linen Pocket Square with Dark Blue Handrolled Cross X Stitch - Fort Belvedere

Completely from Fort Belvedere

Rust Orange Linen Pocket Sq. with Darkish Blue Handrolled Cross X Sew

Silk Pocket Square in Light Blue with Small and Large Paisley - Fort Belvedere

Completely from Fort Belvedere

Silk Pocket Sq. in Mild Blue with Small and Massive Paisley

Reversible Madder Silk Pocket Square in Violet Purple with Orange Pheasant and Ochre Paisley

Completely from Fort Belvedere

Reversible Madder Silk Pocket Sq. in Violet Purple with Orange Pheasant and Ochre Paisley

So as to add visible curiosity whereas sustaining a sedate environment, you may make use of pocket sq. folds to nice impact.

Be taught 8 fashionable pocket sq. folds with ease!


Historically, seersucker jackets have been virtually at all times worn with a flower, or boutonniere, within the lapel. This sprint of vivid coloration usually seems particularly pleasing towards the brilliant backdrop of a striped seersucker jacket.

Through the summertime, you may be tempted to choose a wildflower for your self, however bear in mind that in this season, pollen can simply stain your garments whereas the warmth causes the flower to promptly wilt.

Subsequently, it could behoove you to as a substitute choose an synthetic flower.

In this classic navy and yellow combination, the Purple Field Scabious Boutonniere adds a pop of color to the muted tie, shirt, and jacket.

The advantages of an

Synthetic Flower

In terms of menswear, synthetic flowers have an a variety of benefits: they by no means wilt, received’t stain your garments, and will be completely sized and coloured. After all, solely a well-made boutonniere will seem pure.


All method of summer-appropriate brimmed hats, often constituted of straw, will seem very elegant with a seersucker swimsuit or mixture. A Panama needs to be worn on extra informal events, and a boater on extra formal.

Sun shades

Though a summer time look, seersucker doesn’t pair properly with overly sporty sun shades, comparable to extremely reflective Oakleys. Equally, many metal-framed, high-luster glasses seem too fashionable for this extra conventional garment. Subsequently, basic sun shades with brown or tortoise frames will harmonize the very best.

Be taught what makes a vital pair of Traditional sun shades!

Seersucker Shopping for Information

On account of its comparatively time-intensive manufacturing course of, high quality seersucker is a high-cost, low-return material. Subsequently, many fashionable makers will depend on inferior manufacturing strategies, be compelled to cost a better markup, or keep away from the fabric fully.

In consequence, well-made seersucker will be considerably tough to seek out. Beneath, please discover our choice of seersucker producers at numerous worth factors.


Raphael wearing a seersucker suit while out and about during his Charleston trip with Teresa.
The place will you exhibit your seersucker?

With the recommendation discovered on this information, we hope that you just’ve found that seersucker will be as candy as sugar and as refreshing as milk! Whether or not you’re strolling alongside a promenade in Charleston or attending a cultured beachside summer time wedding ceremony, we all know that what you’ve discovered immediately will aid you craft distinctive outfits that take full benefit of all that seersucker has to supply.

Tell us within the feedback the way you prefer to fashion your seersucker!


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