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Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo



Spring – Summer 2022

Together again, energised by joy and purpose. For Spring Summer 2022 Salvatore Ferragamo reunites with its physical fashion audience after 12 months apart. During that time, we have looked to the future with positivity and considered the past with perspective. We have been empowered with fresh eyes anda refreshed appreciation for the fundamental formula of the house.

Our founder combined fearless invention and peerless craft to create beautiful shoes that sparked joy -and along the way became globally synonymous with Italian artisanship and design. This special season we reconnect with that wellspring of the house to present a collection that draws inspiration from the spectrum of beauty and recontextualizes it for a new time: for the now.

Our inspirations are fundamental, perhaps even simple, because they speak the soul. The pleasure of inhabiting a summer afternoon as it slips slowly towards dusk. The shifting natural rainbows of the landscape as the light changes. The sensation of seeing beauty with our own eyes and its delightful percolation into our perspective. The joy of engaging with those around us.

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