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Rinna Lusso SS22

Rinna Lusso SS22

“Rinna Lusso SS22 Collection pulsates with the burst of passion and colors. Rich in textures, pears and feathers, this collection is inspired by womens sensuality and fresh new beginnings.”

At the crossroads, where the cultural influences of the east and the west jostle for supremacy, fashion designer Katarina was born in Belgrade in 1995. 
Taking her first steps in fashion design in high school, she was exposed to the beauty of fashion design while studying at the Metropolitan University. Already at the end of her studies, the first ideas about developing her own creations were born, and after her studies, her ambitions for her future life crystallized. After travelling to Indonesia in 2017, Katarina finally created her own brand “Rinna Lusso“ named after her nickname her parents gave her when she was little. She always had the idea of a woman as the embodiment of beauty, excitement, courage and bravery, all the qualities that a woman carries within herself.
Elegant, feminine and sensual. Those words describe the Rinna Lusso
collection. Her signature style of making dresses is most definitely in
rich colours, glittery fabrics, lace, pearls and crystals, embellished with feather details. This year in January, Katarina opened her first atelier in Belgrade, and started serving customers around the world. Her customers often come from Italy, Germany and the USA. After dressing so many women and girls for their celebrations, Rinna is still dreaming about dressing one of the celebrities for the Met Gala. But as she says,  “No great thing is created overnight.” as for her most popular mint embellished feather dress, she needed three months to make it look the way she wanted to. Rinna Lusso continues to be a part of many public events and is growing every year.

Photograph: Jana Stumpe  @jana.stumpe
Model : Annika Gassner @annikagassner
Dress: Rinna Lusso @rinna.lusso
Hair makeup by Annika and the products : Charlotte Thillbury @charlottetilbury

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