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Sexuality and gender is a posh matter that always will get stereotyped and is extra liable to be diminished to myths. That is excessive time for us to debunk a few of such misconceptions in regards to the queer neighborhood. Right here on this weblog, we can be concentrating on just a few of these misconceptions and myths. And we hope that it’ll assist the world grow to be a greater and safer place to dwell in.


  • MYTH: Asexuality is a psychological/medical situation

FACT: Asexuality is a sexual orientation and has nothing to do with being a medical situation, in any respect. This time period signifies that the particular person lacks sexual attraction in direction of anybody. Asexual individuals have wishes however not in a sexual method. Usually, it’s trucked with impotency however that may be a utterly completely different idea and is a medical situation.


  • MYTH: Intersex and transgender are the identical

FACT: They’re completely different phrases and imply completely different as effectively. Transgenders are individuals who have a special gender identification than what was assigned at delivery. They, nonetheless, can change it socially in the event that they really feel a mismatch between the 2. Being intersex signifies that they’re born with genitalia that doesn’t match with the identification of a person or a lady, for that matter. Resulting from lack of information and these subjects thought-about being taboo, these misconceptions exist.


  • MYTH: Kids with homosexual mother and father are prone to have gender and/or psychological issues

FACT: It’s the most-believed delusion. However the reality is nowhere near this. In truth, research have proven that children with homosexual mother and father are happier than youngsters who didn’t have same-sex mother and father. Furthermore, it depends upon the surroundings of the house and the upbringing of the kid and never the intercourse of the mother and father.


  • MYTH: Criminalizing homosexuality is a good suggestion.

FACT: Be it a gay relationship or heterosexual, criminalizing anybody’s personal sexual relationship is a breach of privateness and a violation of fundamental human rights. Bringing these legal guidelines in drive prices some huge cash and brings no social values both.


  • MYTH: We will change an individual’s sexual orientation and gender identification.

FACT: Making an attempt to vary somebody’s sexual orientation or gender identification is dangerous and an entire torture. The World Well being Group has made it clear a number of instances that one can’t forcibly change anybody’s sexual orientation; it’s not potential, underneath any circumstances and might trigger a lifetime trauma to the focused particular person’s life.


  • MYTH: All queer individuals have HIV/AIDS

FACT: HIV/AIDS impacts individuals of all sexual orientation and gender. No matter the truth that the particular person belongs to the queer neighborhood or not, it occurs due to lack of protected intercourse practices, testing and, assist and care.


We live within the 21st century and it’s disheartening to see individuals nonetheless believing in these myths. It’s our responsibility to face for fundamental human rights and being accountable residents. It’s excessive time for letting such myths crash to the bottom. 


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