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Inspired by the Chinese martial arts culture, the models of the MARRKNULL Fall2021 collection used an extremely impactful expression technique-wire technique, to show MARRKNULL fun conceptual clothing.

In the bleak dry woods in winter, on the yellow ground with densely fallen leaves, the twisted clothing and the flying scenes like crossing bring the illusion of time travel. This surreal magical scene is the visual expression of this season’s FW2021 series MARRKNULL’s exploration of the evolution of clothing in different eras of China.

This season we try to interpret the concept of multiple way dress-up in a more subtle way. The structure of the two garments is cleverly combined on the same plane through the structure line of the seam. The oblique opening and closing buttons twist the hem into a waist seal, presenting a new shape on the body.

The oblique body is presented in a structured way of folds, which visually strengthens the concept of

dislocation through the splicing of fabrics in different directions. Through the enlargement method, different types of clothes are given new functions. The Tee shirt is enlarged into dresses and skirts, the shirt is enlarged into dress skirts, and the denim jacket and suit jacket are partially enlarged into silhouette midlength skirts. These different structures and dressing methods seem to merge together in a certain way of time travel.

We try to use colors and fabrics with a calm, slightly faded and worn-out effect, hoping to find a touch of nostalgia in the slightly magical time travel experience, through the collision of conceptual silhouettes and worn-out color textures, to interpret different eras intersection.

The last eight looks in the show are the complete expression of the concept of this season. Three different clothes are stitched together at the waist, so that one piece of clothing can be worn three times. When the different structure of the clothing has been separated from its own meaning, can we liberate the concept of clothing solidification and burst into more radical wear coordinate inspiration.

MARRKNULL has been trying to do the same. We hope to divorce the inherent structure from its concept and let the fashion of different eras deviate from its era background, so as to create a unique MARRKNULL style.

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