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Lookbook in Bali

Lookbook in Bali

The staff of “Lookbook” magazine embarked on an exotic adventure, choosing as their destination the bewitching island of Bali, a jewel of Indonesia known for its spiritual atmosphere, breathtaking scenery and rich culture. It was in the vibrant town of Ubud, often regarded as the cultural heart of Bali, that our team began their journey. Ubud, with its verdant rice terraces, mystical monkey forests and ancient temples and shrines, provides the perfect backdrop for exploring and immersing ourselves in the depths of Balinese culture.

The team’s stay was crowned by exceptional accommodation at the Magnum Estate residence in Seminyak. Seminyak is renowned for its elegance, stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. Just 30 metres from the ocean, Magnum Estate is a sumptuous residence that promises comfort, luxury and serenity, offering a haven of peace after days of exploration and adventure.

The mission of the “Lookbook” staff is not just to savour the delights of Bali; it is also to capture the essence of this magnificent island through the lens. Armed with their creativity and passion for beauty, they ventured to Bali’s best spots, from majestic hidden waterfalls and centuries-old temples to vibrant local markets and heavenly beaches.

On their return, the “Lookbook” team promises to share a captivating visual account of their journey, through a selection of photographs that promise to reflect the diversity and splendour of Bali. It will be an invitation for readers to step through the pages of the magazine and lose themselves in the travel stories, where each photo tells a story, each image a window onto a world of discovery.

This trip to Bali by the “Lookbook” team is more than just a getaway; it’s a quest for beauty, inspiration and stories to tell. Bali, with its magic and mystery, is the perfect setting for this adventure, and we look forward to delving into the stories and images captured by the team, promising a not-to-be-missed edition for lovers of travel, culture and natural beauty.

lookbook in bali

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