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Hello Kristina. Hello Laura. How are you doing? Would you introduce yourselves? 

Hello Lookbook Magazine and thank you very much for having us.

We are the founders of LK Beauty, an innovative company that has made the development of high-end skincare its focal point. Working in prestigious places such as the French Riviera and surrounding areas, our approach reconciles science, beauty, and well-being. From this melting pot of knowledge was born a high-tech treatment: the jet peel, a real alternative to injections.

But what is a jetpeel?

The jetpeel is a high-tech device that works wonders. Using a patented handpiece, it propels micro droplets of oxygen and active ingredients at supersonic speed. Thanks to this process, it is possible to treat the cells in depth.

From the first use, the effects are noticeable. Cells are regenerated, collagen production is revived, and microcirculation is revived. Visually, this translates into firmer, brighter complexion.

A big plus: the results are immediate and lasting.

How long have you worked together?

Laura and I are very old friends. Working together for many years, we always dreamed of founding our own company. In April 2021, we took the plunge and created LK Beauty.

What was your motivation behind LK Beauty?

To offer tailor-made services that meet the specific needs of each person. Having worked in spas around the world, five-star service has become for us an open book. Currently, with LK Beauty Expertise, we offer a 100% exclusive mobile service.

Who are your customers?

Due to the versatility of our concept, we have really no limits. Our customers are both in hotel spas and in private homes. Besides, it is not uncommon for us to collaborate with wedding planners, event-planning companies, etc.

Concretely, what do you offer?

Combining the power of manual massage with high technology, we offer body, face, and even scalp treatment services.

Who are these rituals for?

For everybody. We offer both radiance boosts and intensive treatment courses (anti-aging, anti-pigmentation, etc.)

Is it possible to order your services through Lookbook?

Yes of course.

Any references for your popups?

Sure. It is possible to find LK Beauty   treatments in establishments located on La Croisette, in Cap, in Antibes, Courchevel, Monaco, St Tropez, etc.

Lookbook Magazine would like to thank you.

LK Beauty thanks you too.

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