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Keep your tan for the start of new school year

Keep your tan for the start of new school year

Keep your tan for the start of
new school year

How to maintain your tan at the start of the school year?

Coming back from holidays, keeping your tan might worry you a little. Here are some ideas on how to keep longer your weather-beaten tints for the new start of school year:

Keep moisturizing your skin as much as you can: it is the first step to keep your tan perfect. It is very simple, just apply moisturizing cream on your skin. Moisturizing oil is very important: its lighter texture will penetrate skin cells better and prolong the intensity of the tan. And if you want to optimize everything, the use of hydrating shower gels is highly recommended.

Exfoliate your skin regularly: UV rays damages the skin during the sunbath after some days. This causes impurities appearing on the skin because the dead cells are accumulated on the surface. It is then imperative to use scrub regularly, but take care not to damage the skin. Peeling and applying scrub on your body and face once a day or at least once per three days is already enough to keep your skin alive, soft and smooth.

Try self-tanning creams: this can be a solution and does not require much effort. Using self-tanning creams is perfect and a successful remedy to have a flawless tan.

Expose yourself to the sun in a safe manner: do not hold yourself back from exposing yourself to the sun, but make sure to never forget to apply sunscreen. About 15 minutes a day is just ideal to ensure a radiant complexion and to maintain that golden holiday glow. Exposure to the sun also boosts the production of vitamins (D), which is essential for bone protection and which we lack most of the time.

Have a healthy diet: To have a long-lasting tan, diet is also important. Some food will preserve the tan you got from the holidays. Focus on food that is rich in beta-carotene and vitamins (E) that contain everything you need to improve the complexion of summer, such as melon, carrots, tomatoes and nuts.

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