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In the heart of the French Alps, discover a taste of the exotic paradise of Bali

In the heart of the French Alps, discover a taste of the exotic paradise of Bali

In the French Alps lies an exotic haven reminiscent of Bali’s allure, courtesy of MAGNUM ESTATE, the distinguished luxury real estate developer renowned in Bali. Recently, on January 20th, MAGNUM ESTATE orchestrated an exceptional day of sports and celebration in Courchevel, treating its esteemed clients and partners to an unforgettable experience.

Imagine this: guests embarking on a thrilling adventure, hitting the pristine slopes of Courchevel for a private skiing lesson guided by top-tier instructors amidst the breathtaking altitude exceeding 2500 meters. Amongst the snowy peaks, the spirited assembly proudly hoisted the MAGNUM ESTATE flag, marking the occasion with a ceremonious toast, uncorking an exclusive champagne infused with authentic gold from D’or Addict.

Following the exhilarating sporting pursuits, the entourage convened at the vibrant Cap Horn restaurant, a cherished establishment steeped in history and prestige, particularly noteworthy this year as it commemorates its 70th anniversary. Here, amidst the convivial atmosphere, the festivities continued with fervor.

As twilight descended, the grand finale unfolded at the illustrious five-star abode, Le Lana. Within its opulent confines, guests were treated to an extravagant gastronomic affair, featuring the finest Classic Caspian Caviar paired with the luxurious libations from D’or Addict, including a unique rosé embellished with delicate gold flakes. The culinary journey reached its zenith with an exclusive and exotic menu meticulously crafted by the master chef at Le Saint-Nicolas. Amongst the culinary delights was a tantalising.

Balinese-inspired dessert, showcasing fresh sorbet derived from exotic fruits, complemented by airy meringues and a delectable sauce, tantalising the palate with every bite.

As the night unfolded, MAGNUM ESTATE bestowed special tokens of appreciation upon its esteemed guests. Lucky recipients departed with coveted prizes, including a week’s retreat at the upcoming complex, a bottle of exquisite champagne, and a jar brimming with the finest black caviar.

Reflecting on their journey, it’s evident that MAGNUM ESTATE has firmly established itself as a titan in the Indonesian real estate realm, with a decade of unparalleled expertise shaping its trajectory. Boasting a workforce exceeding 300 individuals, the company prides itself on its diverse ensemble of architects and designers hailing from various corners of the globe.

At the core of MAGNUM ESTATE’s ethos lies a steadfast commitment to crafting premium real estate offerings tailored for living, investment, and leisure. Their extensive portfolio showcases a diverse array of projects, from bespoke residential enclaves tailored to individual preferences to active participation in large-scale commercial ventures across Indonesia.

Notable among their flagship projects are:

  • Magnum Residence Berawa: Home to the world’s longest rooftop pool, alongside a rooftop lounge bar and chill-zone.
  • Magnum Residence Sanur: Offering an expansive array of amenities spanning 8000 m2, with unit areas extending up to 202 m2.
  • Magnum Residence Seminyak: Strategically situated just 30 meters from the ocean, boasting units with coveted freehold status.
  • The Umalas Signature: A distinguished collection of villas and apartments showcasing Bali’s highest infinity pool, epitomizing luxury and elegance in equal measure.

Photos @Magnum Estate

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