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After several months hoping for the sun to come back, it’s finally there! Summer temperatures are coming, so you switch from your shirt to a swimsuit. You’re a real farniente enthusiast.
Yet… as happy as you are… there’s a shadow that clouds your mind.
Every year, the same catastrophic scenario happens: instead of having a beautiful tan skin, you end up as red as a crayfish.
You get sunburned and start to fear tanning sessions. Don’t worry. All you have to do is follow Macaron Rose’s beauty tips to get caramel-colored skin that will make your friends green with envy.

5 reasons why your tan turns into a fiasco

Getting a great tan is a science in itself. It has nothing to do with genes or luck. If you want your skin to get colored without burning, you must avoid several gestures. Although they may seem harmless, they cause you distress. Yes, they have as much impact as that.

1. Skipping out on sun protection

Despite all the communication campaigns that remind us of the importance of sun creams, some of us persist in not using them. “I have dark skin”, ” I want to tan more rapidly”, “I am very resistant to the sun”, and so many excuses that explain your terrible tan.
Even though the sun boosts the production of vitamin D, it can also cause burns, pigment spots and, in extreme cases, cancer. As a result, your skin is burned instead of tanned and turns red as a crayfish. 

Just a little detail: monoi oil is not a natural sun protection, quite the opposite. When you apply it to your skin, it heats up faster, and burns faster too. 



2. Use the wrong sun cream

Each skin has specific needs, and it is necessary to take them into account in order to preserve oneself from the ravages of the sun. Unfortunately, few people are really aware of this.
Among the different points to take into account, there are the types of skin tone, the condition of the skin, the nature of the epidermis, and many other parameters. Choosing the right sun cream means that you should not limit yourself to its melanin content. To make sure you don’t make a mistake, you should ask a beauty professional for advice. And that’s good news, because there are hundreds of them on the website

3. Not applying sun cream again

You are attracted by the waves of the sea or the blue color of the pool, so you frequently forget to put on sunscreen. As excited as a child, you swim without thinking about the time that is going by. This is a huge mistake…

The sun reflects off the water, so you are constantly bombarded by UVA and UVB rays. The water and sand remove your sun protection. While you think you’re protected, you’re an easy prey for sunburns…

So remember to apply sunscreen every three hours. And if you go swimming, put on more sunscreen as soon as you get out of the water. Then you’ll be able to exchange your red complexion for a bronzed one.

4. Get a tan in the middle of the day

The sun is most intense between noon and 4 pm. That’s when the rays are at their strongest, so they easily penetrate the upper layers of the skin. Even if you have an SPF 50+ sunscreen, tanning at these hours is not a good idea.

So why is that?

Because a great tan takes time. Instead of spending a short amount of time in the hot sun, consider longer exposures in a less aggressive sun. This way, you’ll have less chance of getting burned and, most importantly, your tan will look much more natural. 


5. Ignoring physical barriers

Sun cream is far from being the only way to protect yourself against burns and other inconveniences.

In addition to this essential summer cosmetic, get yourself a big straw hat. Not only will you look jet-setting, but it will also stop the sun’s rays. Sunglasses and a large pareo will also keep your skin from getting as red as a lobster’s.


How to get a beautiful tan, and keep it for a long time

By avoiding the five mistakes listed above, your tan will be stunning: seamless, natural, smelling like summer and enhancing your beauty. However, be careful not to rest on your laurels.

To keep your tan as long as possible, you must follow these three rules carefully:

1. Scrub your body once a week

After having been exposed to the sun, the epidermis naturally tends to thicken. This is a defense mechanism of the body to prevent the rays from penetrating too deeply. The problem is that your skin tends to become dull.

To preserve the radiance of your tan, do a scrub once a week. For your skin to be renewed in depth, the best thing to do is to combine a hammam and a scrub. It is an age-old beauty ritual that gives Arabs and Persians their caramel-colored skin.

Even if you can do it at home, doing it in a professional center will only be more effective. Maybe it’s time to book a session at a spa located within walking distance of your home? To find one that meets your criteria, go to


2. Moisturize your skin in depth

No threat to tanned skin is as great as dehydration. When skin is dry, it peels.

In addition to being unattractive, this natural mechanism causes the skin to lose its tan more quickly. Indeed, it is in the upper layers of the epidermis that the cells containing the melanin you have just obtained are located. If they are eliminated, your tan will gradually fade.

During the summer, make it a habit to apply moisturizing lotion regularly. After every shower, after getting out of the sea, after a long tan, every opportunity is good to fill your skin with water and nutrients.

And once you’re back in the urban jungle, keep up the habit. If possible, carry a small container in your bag. Dehydration caused by the sun is easy to feel, but dehydration caused by air conditioning is more pernicious.

Moisturize your skin and it will keep its beautiful tanned complexion.

3. Add summer on your plate 

Want to keep your tan for several weeks after the summer? Put some sunshine on your plate with beta-carotene-rich foods.

Apricots, melons, peaches, carrots, avocados, are all seasonal fruits and vegetables that stimulate melanin production, which means they help you keep your tan longer.

Plus, it helps you avoid processed foods, so you’ll glow even more. Prepare a vegetable soup or a colorful salad, and to reinforce the “feel good” effect, enjoy your dish while sunbathing on the terrace.

These three tips will help you stay tanned longer than usual. And if you feel you need it, ask a Macaron Rose expert to recommend a self-tanner. Used sparingly, it will help you preserve that cherished caramel complexion.   

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