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DOLCE VITA by Silvia Kleist

DOLCE VITA by Silvia Kleist


by Silvia Kleist

Exclusive Interview

How was the brand Silvia Kleist born ?

I started my Brand after moving to London in 2015. Prior to that I worked for label & brand Etienne Aigner (aignermunich. de), where I designed and produced the whole collection for Japan, Korea, Austria, Switzerland, UK & Germany.

At the same time, I have successfully created dresses for the Red Carpet, working for the brand Black Carpe in Hamburg – the city where I was born.

What is fashion for you?

To me Fashion empowers Women. I design clothes for special moments, moments that remain unforgettable. Every dress for me tells a story and stays in the memory of women once they’ve worn that perfect dress. I believe that a dress accentuates the beauty of a Woman.

How has fashion changed after Covid in your opinion?

Not to mention the financial impact this Pandemic has caused to our purchasing power, and how it reduced the number of special occasions worldwide, it certainly enhanced the memory of special moments that we cherish. Most importantly, we currently see reduced publice xposure to Fashion, be it on the hotspots or celebrations, and sharply shifted this exposure to social media and online shopping.

Which styles represent your collection, and who wears the brand Silvia Kleist?

I like to create Classical & Feminine dresses. I allocate special attention & effort to couture collections using Silk fabrics. All dresses are designed using natural fabrics inspired by Art & Music! My customers are essentially beautiful and confident women who are working successfully in the entertainment Industry; from Models, Actresses, Singers or Managers & leaders in the high end fashion Industry.

A few details about the colors of your collection and the material.

I am creating mostly Silk dresses that are light and wrinkle-free, choosing colors we find in Fine Art & Nature. I simply adore colors. Any color can inspire us to create a special atmosphere for special moments. When wearing a colorful dress you enhance the vibes, and improve your mood.

What is your favorite wardrobe item?

The little Black dress will always be a good idea to wear whatever the season.

What projects do you have for the near future?

My plans for 2021 are a few fashion shows in Europe, presenting my dresses in Dubai and France, and being a new partner of miss contests.

Your advice for fashion victims.

A fashion victim should never buy clothes because it is the trend or a hype brand. They should choose the outfit that fits them well and exposes their hem well and exposes their all-round beauty, just like what a big smile does to your face.



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