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Dice Kayek, the luxury fashion brand

Dice Kayek, the luxury fashion brand

Dice Kayek, the luxury fashion brand

Dice Kayek, the luxury fashion brand, is deeply saddened by the human loss caused by the recent earthquakes that shook the southeastern Turkey and northern Syria on February 6. These earthquakes, which affected 11 cities and 13 million people, have resulted in the death of nearly 52,000 people and counting. Thousands of buildings, including hospitals and schools, have collapsed, leaving survivors without access to basic needs such as housing, food, and hygiene that relief organizations are working around the clock to provide.

The magnitude of destruction of one of the world’s most important and oldest heritage sites is so great that no one entity, no single effort or donation will be enough to relieve the suffering of the survivors. Recognizing that people, particularly women and children who are disproportionately affected by such disasters, will need ongoing and organized support for a long time will help to focus and coordinate relief efforts to move forward in solidarity.

With great sorrow and this intention, Dice Kayek is presenting its Fall/Winter 2023 collection this year. The presentation on Sunday, March 5th will feature the latest trends of the Dice Kayek Fall/Winter 2023 collection. With a dark color palette mainly of black, the new collection exudes the discreet elegance that the brand has become synonymous with. Some of Dice Kayek’s iconic looks, which blend architectural silhouettes with timeless grace, will be presented in the brand’s flagship store in Saint-Germain des Près, as well as new embroidered dresses made in the brand’s Istanbul workshop.

The exhibition is designed almost as a stationary fashion show, with pieces displayed from the second to the ground floor. The showstopper of the exhibition, revealed at the end, is a large black coat embroidered with a bleeding heart on its chest, evoking the immense pain that the brand’s home country is going through.

As the gravity of this humanitarian crisis becomes increasingly clearer by the day, Dice Kayek is supporting UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, which is focusing its relief efforts on meeting the most urgent needs of children in the affected areas, and contributing to the ongoing educational needs of girls in southeastern Turkey. With an initial donation of 10,000 Euros to this cause, Dice Kayek highlights the importance of solidarity to provide not only necessities to surviving children, but also to build a future for them.

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