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Charlotte Siné Interview

Charlotte Siné Interview

Charlotte Siné of Monaco’s exclusive interview for Lookbook Magazine

Lookbook : There are many paths in life you can take, and you have chosen one involving art. Can you tell us more about what led you to take this path?

Charlotte : I chose the field of Art and Architecture, simply through my passion for these worlds which, I think, allow us to define ourselves, as we are, in all our forms.On my father’s side, the whole family are musicians and indeed, from an incredibly early age, I have been immersed in these fields of creativity and self-expression, particularly through playing the piano and singing, which I practiced frequently during my youth and teenage years – especially through concerts and operas in which I had the opportunity of taking part.

 Lookbook : What is at the core of your inspiration?

Charlotte : I draw my inspiration by observing the world around me every day. In art, I am inspired by the contemporary art movement such as the artist Basquiat, whose work with colours and so forth, I appreciate very much.In the architectural field, I am fascinated by the great architects such as Rem Koolhaas, Renzo Piano and by the leading      agencies such as Snohetta or MVRDV for whom I greatly admire their work of design and implementation, the quality of the spaces they create and the concepts they stand by in their designs are what fuel my architectural studies and the development of myself in the world of today.

 Lookbook : If someone asked you to paint a picture of the World, which three colours would you choose first?

Charlotte : Well, I would choose blue, which symbolises life on earth. Red, the colour of love, hatred and blood and lastly, white, reflecting the light that each person embodies.

 Lookbook: In your opinion, how did COVID-19 change the world of art?

Charlotte: Covid-19 is rather problematic unfortunately even in the world of art. Museums and exhibitions are all cancelled or postponed.Art is increasingly being appreciated via the internet, through sales on specialised websites & through online auctions. I also find the virtual visits of exhibition galleries in some museums, such as the Quai D’Orsay, very fascinating. This offers a new way of looking at art, a new way of perceiving it and a new way for all these artists to rethink the way their work will be viewed and enjoyed.

 Lookbook : What is your dream when it comes to art and architecture?

Charlotte : My dream – to constantly strive to grow, to carry out projects through my future architectural agency, while         combining Art and Architecture. To be able to make a living from these marvellous creative professions and to share them with others – passion is beautiful and worthy of being experienced at all times.

 Lookbook : What are your plans for the near future?

Charlotte : To conclude my studies. I’m currently enrolled in the first year of a Master’s degree at the National School of           Architecture in Nantes and I only have one year left. I would love to be able to undertake internships in the agencies I like most, such as Renzo Piano’s Building Workshop, MVRDV, Snohetta, and eventually work in Monaco alongside talented architects from my country.

 Lookbook : Please tell us a little more about your passion for the piano.

Charlotte : I have played the piano from a very early age and I have had musical training throughout my school years from the age of 6. The piano is a passion of mine like painting or architecture.was lucky enoug      h to participate in two operas when I was younger, Pulcini’s La Bohème and Boito’s Mefistofele, both of which I will treasure forever. Music is a tool that has guided me in my life, in my creative and reflective times, and remains an integral part of my everyday life.

 Lookbook : You also customize shoes. Where does fashion fit into your life? What are your views in regards to eco-fashion?

Charlotte : Yes indeed, for my personal enjoyment and in parallel with my studies, I explore the possibility of designing clothing in the fields of Art and Drawing, while always sharing what I love with others.Art is meant to be shared and diffused, passion is lived and shared. Without sharing, and without the gaze of another, is there such a thing as life?As far as the eco-fashion is concerned, it should not be overlooked, in fact quite on the contrary. I was lucky enough to be    involved in a photo shoot for an eco-responsible Parisian brand that incorporates this concept of eco-Fashion and represents a huge future potential – by reusing unused salmon skins and converting them into leather. This approach is in accordance with the movement undertaken by everyone in order to move towards more eco-responsible decisions.

 Lookbook : Do you also enjoy speed and adrenaline like your sweetheart, Formula 1 champion, Charles Leclerc?

Charlotte : We share many mutual passions, notably music, art and architecture, sport etc.As far as speed is concerned, I have been fortunate enough to have had several unforgettable experiences with Charles,       filled with adrenaline and great thrills.

 Lookbook : What makes you happy about your job?

Charlotte : What makes me happy ? Absolutely everything that I experience on a daily basis. This desire to create, to study,    to travel, to share lovingly, to be inspired, to cultivate myself and to have the freedom to express myself without any limitations while retaining my passion.

 Lookbook : Thank you Charlotte. We wish you all the best for your upcoming endeavours.

Charlotte : Many thanks to you.                              

Charlotte Siné cover
Charlotte Siné cover


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