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Beauty life by Larisa Zelenaya

Beauty life by Larisa Zelenaya


Cover November 2022 #19

How did your career in cosmetology begin?

My career in cosmetology began in 2010. From my very young age, I loved taking care of my face and body, and I was always giving advice to my loved ones. 

My career was kind of predetermined.

Beauty is definitely an inner state, but it’s worth the effort!

Modern material cosmetology consists of rejuvenating and healing procedures performed by a cosmetologist using special equipment.

I believe that material cosmetology is the sort of sister to material physical therapy that has been used in medicine for many decades.

This realm of cosmetology is now developing in a very dynamic way. Every year, new, more efficient and safer material technologies are developed.

Today, thanks to the latest cosmetology technologies, the skin of the face can be considerably improved: wrinkles can be smoothed, cellular rejuvenation can be achieved and any visual defects can be corrected.

– Do you use material cosmetology, and what do you think of it? If so, which device is most effective, and why?

I offer a number of active material procedures to my patients.

I prescribe all procedures individually, only according to the indications, taking into account a number of characteristics.

Most material cosmetology methods use the capabilities of lasers, microcurrents, ultrasound and light waves. Very often their effect is supplemented by traditional cosmetics, such as masks, serums, cocktails of bioactive substances.

However, I find the Jet Peel material program the most popular and also one of the most effective methods. This material method of cleansing and moisturizing the skin has a number of multi-directional action protocols. The protocols of this program have no re-education period and no contraindications.

The jet peel is a painless skin peel in which a mixture of oxygen and nutrients gently exfoliates and massages the epidermis to deliver nutrients and vitamin cocktails under the skin without using a needle.

As such, this procedure combines peeling and mesotherapy without injections.

– How often should we consult an esthetician, and at what age?

I recommend consulting an esthetician from the age of 26, and not neglecting home skin care!

– Are you in favor or against facial injections?recommend? 

Injections are welcome. However, I believe that everything should be done with moderation and according to the indications!

I do not accept abnormalities!

– What do you think about mouth massage and facial fitness?

I love massage techniques!

I often combine them with manual procedures!

– Do  you   think cosmetic formulations  can be a panacea for aging?

I am convinced that well-chosen and prescribed cosmetic procedures and preparations are a panacea and may well postpone the clearly visible signs of aging.

– Which brands would you recommend?


Guinot,Zo skin health(USA);

Méthodes Guinot (USA); 

Jetpeel (Israël)

 – And what is the best beauty saying?

My favorite saying is this one:

“To be loved, you better be beautiful. But to be beautiful, you have to be loved !

Love yourself ! Take care of the health of your beautiful body and soul ! “

Zelenaya Larisa

Instagram @zelenaya.larisa

Photos Azia Be @aziabecom

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