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Awards Lookbook Magazine

Awards Lookbook Magazine

Silvia Kleist
Fashion Designer
Designer for red carpet dresses
Fashion shows Cannes Film Festival
Fashion shows Berlin, London, Cannes
Irina Bessonova-Buteau
Actress and model
from Oural in URSS, currently lives in Paris. 
Participation in films and series: «6Confinements» – episode «Le casse du siècle», «Flashback», «Notre Dame brûle», «Tikkoun», «The New Look» and etc.
Participation in music video clips with Carole Cettolin
 «Tant que le temps est radieux», «Mon ami», 
«Secret» MadeinParis75
Participation in promotional videos: Mate Miam, M6, Particolare Sacs, Renaults Twingo.
Press in magazines: SmartQueen, L’Officiel Baltic, Saintteight, Sea Breeze, Moevir.
Fashion Week Milan for brand MommyDolls September 2022.
Photographer: Sergei Sirin

Elina Djhamalova
Regressologist and Novice investor
Born in Tashkent, on the age of 16 she moved 
to St. Petersburg. 
The grasp of transformation, a practicing
regressologist, is trained in spiritual practices. 
Works in commercial property management. 
Photographer: Côté D’azur Anzhelika
Irina Habbachi
PhD in Law sciences
10 years of experience in the prosecutor’s office as a senior assistant to the prosecutor of the Grodno region in Belarus.
Over the past 11 years has been working in ALC “Firm ABC” Belarus as Deputy Director for Organizational Development and Innovation (including Head of the Department of Foreign Economic Activities).
Leader with great management skills, successful sales experience and experience in implementing of innovative business solutions.
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