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Angelina Usanova Miss Universe Ukraine 2023

Angelina Usanova Miss Universe Ukraine 2023

Angelina Usanova, who earned the title of Miss Universe Ukraine in 2023, has recently launched a heartwarming initiative on social media known as @SM4GOOD.

@SM4Good, abbreviated for “social media for good,” is a significant effort aimed at supporting children worldwide, particularly those affected by conflict in Angelina’s homeland, Ukraine.

“Every child deserves happiness and security,” Angelina stresses. “With the influence of social media, we can truly make a difference by spreading kindness and love to children. And what better time to commence than on March 20th, International Happiness Day?”

Central to the initiative is the Teddy Bear, a timeless symbol of childhood joy and comfort. The mission is crystal clear: to bring happiness to children’s lives and provide them with a sense of safety.

Angelina’s fellow Miss Universe titleholders have rallied behind her in this noble cause, sharing a belief in the transformative power of beauty in service to others. For Angelina, this initiative marks just the beginning of her commitment to aiding those in need.

Beyond her accomplishments, Angelina, at 26, is deeply involved in philanthropy. Fluent in seven languages and certified as a yoga master, she has dedicated herself to supporting orphanages in Ukraine and is actively working to establish her own charity foundation.

At the international competition in El Salvador, Angelina captivated audiences not only with her grace but also with her touching tribute to mothers awaiting their children’s return from war. Her national costume, portraying a Bereginya, the Mother with a child, served as a powerful symbol of the resilience and strength of these mothers in difficult times.

Through her talents as a singer, yoga practitioner, and advocate for sound healing, Angelina devotes much of her time to charitable causes, ranging from assisting children and animals to environmental conservation efforts.

Jessica Page, Miss Universe Great Britain’23                       @jesspagelennon

Kate Alexeeva, Miss Universe Latvia’23                                @kate.xeeva

Lorena Santen, Miss Universe Switzerland’23                       @lorenasanten

Helena Bleicher, Miss Universe Germany’23                         @helenmarlen

Nikoline Uhrenholt Hansen, Miss Universe Denmark’23        @nikoline_uhrenholt

Lilja Pétursdóttir, Miss Universe Iceland’23                      @liljapetursd

Ella Sophie Portelli, Miss Universe Malta’23                           @ellaportelli

Endi Demneri, Miss Universe Albania’23                                @endidemneri

Aishah Akorede, Miss Ireland’23                                             @aishah.akorede

Designer Christophe Guillarme @christopheguillarme

Production Anna Dianova Chirakh

Photographer Mari Vareca @mari_vareca

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