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Alexandra Zimny

Alexandra Zimny

Alexandra Zimny

for Nathalie Descout Paris

It Girl Alexandra Zimny specially for Nathalie Descout Paris

Alexandra what is fashion for you? 

For me, fashion is the fashion of tomorrow, namely eco-fashion based on the principle of buying less, but of better quality. Now in my wardrobe, quality has replaced quantity. Many brands are already addressing this topic, and I hope more will follow. To save our planet.

Your favorite fashion accessory. 

Vegan leather boots, the tuxedo and the blazer are also made from vegan leather. I am a big fan of blazers.

We are in the heart of Cannes, in the luxury apartments of Cannes Imperial. What does this city mean to you? 

Cannes for me is not only sun and relaxation, but also the Cannes Film Festival with its famous red carpet and glamour.

Today you are dressed by a fashion designer who creates her collections in silk and lace from Calais. What are your feelings about it? 

I met Nathalie Descout Paris quite recently thanks to designer Sophie-Caroline Barre of the Maison Jeanne Young, who collaborate together. I really like Calais lace, it’s like a second skin. The detail, the design of the Nathalie Descout Paris dresses is absolutely amazing. I love it!

Have you already made your own creations? If so in what area? 

During my career, I have already created many projects: a collection of temporary golden tattoos – looks very beautiful on a tanned body – published a book, a brand of jewelry, and even synthetic diamonds. Diamonds of this type are very relevant today and, moreover, they are very environmentally friendly. Returning once again to the subject of the preservation of our planet. 


What are your plans? 

To continue my career as an influencer and model. I really enjoy representing different brands and being a part of thi s flow.


Interview Angela Donava

Photographer Gil Zetbase  @gilzetbase

Assistant Fvermee @fvermee

Producer, art director/interview Angela Donava @angeladonava

Place Apartments Cannes Imperial @cannes_imperial

Dresses Nathalie Descout Paris @nathaliedescoutparis

Make-up Makeup By Manuela @makeup.bymanuela

Luxury 3D Silk Lashes LAKSHMI LASHES @lakshmi.lashes_

Cosmetics Catherine Feher @Catherine_Feher 


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