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022397BLUFF is an independent brand created by 022397 and 021596 in 2019 in Paris.



022397BLUFF is  a universe  that belongs only to itself, it possesses neither 4me nor space and it has neither gender nor age. 022397 is some sort of blue and BLUFF is an atitude towards life.

022397BLUFF is an independent brand created by 022397 and 021596 in 2019 in Paris. A graduate of the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, the designer 022397 is originally from Guizhou in China. While preserving the brand’s avant-garde unisex style, 022397 expresses itself in an intense language of its own, bringing together mul4ple vectors and different points of view.022397BLUFF 001 COLLECTION, THE WALL COLLECTION 2021 questions visible and invisible walls. The invisible walls built by human beings are those most susceptible to collapse.

In 2019, the year marked by the 30th anniversary of the  fall of  the Berlin Wall,  022397  decides  to  research the subject and watches the film Die Welle. Shocked and upset by the creation of this wall by a government, he begins to reflect on the concepts of politics, artificial intelligence and the self. In his work, 022397 wants to transcribe the notion of walls existing around us. Technology is a wall, p olitics is also a wall, walls are planted everywhere in the heart. With his collection,022397deconstructs these walls and breaks down the   barriers between people.

Originally from the Miao ethnic group, the designer is inspired by their ancestral embroidery and places it as the main element of his collec4on. He goes back to the origin of his culture and metamorphoses it into a new language. All the embroideries used in his creaitons are sewn by Miao seamstresses. This technique, handed down from generaiton to generaiton, is both the iitnerary of his people’s exile and the worship of ancestors and gods. Embroidery, considered as a means of embellishing life, becomes at the same itme a prayer of proteciton. This skill is the symbol of the strong and enduring cohesion of the Miao ethnic group,  it represents their culture and tells their story, and for this reason 022397l uses it in its creations.



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