1. “Which hairstyle would fit for the new season?” 

September is near, meaning – new start, new hairstyle! The question is – what to do?

Fringes or no fringes, long hair or short hair, curly or straight – these questions might be driving you crazy!

The feeling of being lost, the fear of taking the wrong decision and losing your beauty, might be spinning your mood out of control! To help you make the right choice, we provide you with the description of two different choices only. Start with the simple question – how long should your hair be?

Short hair? Why not! This is the choice of some celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Lilly Collins and Zendaya, and it remains widely popular. Short hair became very popular in the 1920’s. During the Second World War, it became fashionable again since women were inclined to choose a short haircut for practical reasons. Short hair gives a unique look and modern-day celebrities know how to take care of it. This style remained in fashion for a long time – the reason is that it is practical and versatile – it can be both casual or formal. It is also inspiring, as short hair is often associated with “boyish” style, and reflects strength and courage when a woman wears it. You might want to try out the glam-rock version! Fringes also look good with short hair, feel free to experiment to add more style!


Long hair: Let it be like that! Long hair is associated with romantic style and has never been out of date. It can perfectly compete with a short hairstyle. Although, short hairstyle has been at the top of the rankings for many years, now long hairstyle dethrones it. Long hairstyle is definitely at the top of all hairstyle trends for this season 2020-2021. The spirit of femininity can be perfectly reflected in just having long hair. With long hair you will never lose any opportunity to find out which style you would like to experiment with.

What will you go for? Will you follow the trend or choose the more practical option?