enjoy the summer Greece

Want to enjoy the summer in a different way this time? The beaches of Greece are there for your new exploration. The Greece is still and always at the top in the list of all destinations for the summer.  The most beautiful beaches in Greece for your discovery from Mykonos to Athenian Riviera.

  • The beach of Sarakiniko at the Milos Island: 

At Milos Island, this beach was formed by waves brought by the north blowing wind, a beach made of volcanic white rocks. It is also composed and decorated by beautiful curved landscape and often compared to the curves of the moon.

  • The Red beach on the island of Santorini: 

The iconic beach of Santorini, this dream spot is a combination of fiery volcanic rocks and a crystal clear sea. It is one of the favorite places for local divers which brings a big summer success.

  • Navágio beach on the island of Zante or the nicknamed Shipwreck:

 This paradisiacal beach is situated at the cliffs foot of the island of Zante in Greece. Accessible only by boat, from the port of Zakynthos, there sits the wreck of a smuggler ship called the Panagiotis.

  • Voidokoilia beach in the Peloponnese: 

It is special and unique due to its white sand and lagoon-colored sea. The Voidokoilia beach is located on the coast of Messinia in the Peloponnese region.

  • Lalaria beach on Skiathos Island: 

Lalaria beach is only accessible by sea, and is located on the island of Skiathos in Greece. Dotted with shiny pebbles, it plunges onto immaculate cliffs. The clear and clean sea makes it one of the most attractive.

  • The beach of Myrtos in Pylaros: 

It is located in the region of Pylaros, in the north-west of Kefalonia. Myrthos beach seduces everyone with its kilometers of white sand and its turquoise waves. Bordered by the Ionian Sea, it backs onto the Agia Dynati and Kalon Oros mountains.

Those are just few of the marvelous beaches in Greece that you can already plan to for your summer holidays. There are wonderful natural discoveries that you can find in the different islands of Greece.