“The French Riviera, a target of Slim Aarons”.
What comes on your mind when hearing the name of French Riviera?
For sure you will think of the attractive beach in Saint-Tropez, the colored swimming pool of Monaco, the high-speed motors running face to Eden Roc of Antibes. French Riviera is an area of the coast in the southern France, popular with holyday-makers. That is why Slim Aarons choose it as his objective. French Riviera is part of the latest collections of the travel magazines Fashion Eye of Louis Vuilton, made of gathered shots of Slim Aarons in the Southern France.
 Louis Vuilton Fashion Eye is a collection of photographic albums which describe and make you see the best destinations and places to travel through a photographer. Fashion Eye sets a dialogue between emergent talents, professional photographers and photography legends. Fashion Eye put on your view the present creation and treasures of unknown archives to constitute a collection of references book. And it reveals a new photo travel book this summer. This book is made of the best images and photos taken by Slim Aarons at the French Riviera.
Aarons Slim was an American photographer noted for photographing socialites, jet-setters and celebrities. One of his memorable shots are those of French Riviera in the archive of cult of Louis Vuilton Fashion Eye travel book. Slim Aarons makes us living the Dolce Vita on French Riviera. 
He tried to immortalize as a person a golden fauna who traveled the world during the years 60, 70 and 80. Slim Aarons by his shots makes a big discovery of the golden age at French Riviera. Bringing back to the years 1950 to 1970 with just some images, the photographer brings us to the world of myths of the jet set and the cinema stars. Legendary images making us feeling the peaceful summer of the glorious moments at the French Riviera. This includes this proud way of life, private club and villas of Mediterranean, wooden rive; it brings back to a nostalgic beautiful scenes. These in a live of images and photos. What a wonderful and appealing art.