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Exhibition “Black, White, Red” 

Exhibition “Black, White, Red” 

with the Fashion Museum in Riga

Riga Fashion Week presented the opening of the exhibition “Black, White, Red” at the Fashion Museum, founded in 2016 by architect Natalia Muzyčkina. The exhibition is dedicated to the perception and history of colour in fashion, featuring archival clothes from different eras united by a classic colour combination. More than 45 outfits from the collection of the Alexander Vasiliev Foundation and the collection of the Fashion Museum itself, the exhibits cover the period from the 19th century to the present day. Three colours that are everywhere appropriate, always relevant and never boring. “Black, white, red” is a common colour triad in modern culture and the most ancient combination that came to us from the depths of centuries. The first cave paintings were made by ancient people with red clay, black charcoal and white chalk. The love for this triad has a scientific explanation: until a newborn baby’s visual apparatus is formed, it recognises only these three colours.

One of the most valuable exhibits at the exhibition is Marilyn Monroe’s black dress embroidered with sequins. It is very simple and elegant, but thanks to the tricks of the cut it is extremely seductive. Special pads were sewn into the back of the dress at the level of buttocks, which gave the already bulging figure of the star even more seductive outlines.

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